A New Sound from Deep Space...

Is the new version of the Overture better?

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I definately agree here. Seperate instrument recordings cannot hope to match up to recording musicians playing together. Good musicians take cues from one another and if they have been playing together for a while they know each other's strengths and weaknesses and are able to predict how they would perform in certain sections.

I am in a couple of bands, and we have to listen to each other and watch each other's body language and hands to make sure we all stick together. A string quartet, where the lead violin tends to lead, is not much different. Without a conductor to fall back on, if they were not performing together it would be havoc. A metronome could be used in this case but the final product would feel almost mechanical, as no artistic freedoms could be taken in interpretting the rhythm and flow of the piece.
I like it, a good improvement on the last one, (which I thought stood up well on its own).

But its lacking something, i cant quite put my finger on it. as a flowing piece of music its pretty decent, but theres a lack of a sci fi opera theme quality. Theres a forgettable quality about the piece of music in that it varies a bit too much. The opening part of the theme isn't nearly as memorable as the middle area (heading towards -1:00) doesn't seem to be carried on through out the rest of the piece. im probably talking nonsense as im throughly knackered after football/soccer tourney I was playing in before.

keep up the good work!
It's better. This is probably the point for you where you can stop worrying about sound quality and worry about writing better. Since I already commented on the composition, I'll refrain from doing so again and look forward to other people's opinions.
I think your right ace. I'm not looking to do MIDI rendering professionally - just well enough for a composer. Most composers I know are very comfortable submitting demos to publishers using programs of the quality I'm considering, so this is the logical place to stop worrying about that. I was just tired of the quality of sound taking something away from the composition. I think its getting to the point where that's not a problem so much anymore.
Needaham45 said:
I could find players and do overdubbing, but it would still sound wierd because we didn't all record it together. There's something different - no matter how good the mixing job is, the ensemble just doesn't sound as tight when each instrument is recorded seperately.
I agree with the point made about musicians working out timing, etc, together, but there's an interesting remix of Super Mario Bros 3 where the remixer has performed on several individual instruments and combined them together to form a coherent piece. The synchronising must have been a pain in the butt - I'm certainly not suggesting you try to do this, I just thought it's an interesting example where it can work out.

Needaham45 said:
I was just tired of the quality of sound taking something away from the composition. I think its getting to the point where that's not a problem so much anymore.
Agreed! :)
You can always do the overdubbing, but it depends on the style of music. Certain styles that lend themselves to a certain feel or groove make it easier do overdub. For example, if I were going to record a jazz combo, of say, sax, piano, bass, and drums, you could do the overdubbing and the timing wouldn't be a problem. First I would record the drums as that can provide a steady beat throughout the piece, then the bass to add to that feel. Get the piano recorded next to add the chords, and then the lead horn. You would supply the musician with headphones to hear the mix as they record. The problem is when tempos flucuate too much or there is too much dependance on the mulitiple other instruments for one part to fit in. In something like this Overture, that's what the problem is. Everyone is dependant on one another, and they're all dependant on a conductor.

Also, a performance of the same piece of music will change every time its performed. This only adds to the trouble.