A joystick problem

Mad Hatter

I have this weird problem:
I start WC1 or 2 KS version, and my joystick works fine. Then, about a minute into the game the stick just stops working, and that`s it.I can continue using mouse or keyboard, but not joystick.
I don`t get this problem with any other game.
Help, anyone?
Never heard of this problem. Just how does it "stop working?" Does the game simply cease responding to it with no warning whatsoever, or does it become sluggish first?

Have you tried re-calibrating the joystick after the problem starts while the game is still running?
Well, I tried loading the game, and after the stick stops responding, pressing alt tab and recalibrating the joystick. It didn`t help.
Any other ideas, Stinger?
Actually, it did help; now, at least, we know that the system still responds to the joystick. It's just Prophecy screwing up here.

Try hitting Alt-O and switching to keyboard mode, then switch back to joystick mode.
Been there, done that.
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I had this problem with my Logitech Wingman... you play the game for a while with the joystick, and suddenly the joystick stops working, but the game still runs. Sometimes, my guns get stuck in rapid fire, and I have to reset to keep from blasting everything I face.

Of course, my Wingman joystick is now DEAD, so that's not a problem anymore... but WC2 is problematic with a keyboard because you can't turn and fire at the same time. At least, not for me, you can't. In any case, I hope the new joystick I'm getting will solve the problem...


<smacks head>

Whoops! You're right, I got 'em mixed up. Oh well, still have no idea what the problem is....
Hm, I remember having a problem with my MS PP in WC1/WC2 from Kilrathi Saga. The directions in which the ship moved would get all screwd up and stuff. Never found a solution for that, but a quick restart usually took care of that for couple of hours.
I believe the problem might be a short or something in the joystick... that may have been the problem for me, anyway.


Been there done that. You want to make your joystick work with the games again all you have to do if get a gun, preferably something fully automatic, and go on a killing spree. I can't garentee this will fix your joystick but you'll sure work off alot of stress in the process.

Seriosly though.
Man it's been a while since i've played Wing Commander (7-8 months). About an hour ago I thought I'd go and play the games through (wc1-prophecy and the others) NOT!!! I started up WC1 and everything was fine then about a minute into the game the damn joystick stops working. I don't dare recalibrate it because if if the damn thing isn't just right it's almost unusable! Man it sucks. I doubt it's still here but I made a simlira post about how my joystick would't work with WC1 or WC2 yet it worked with WC3...well it worked with all the WC's but WC3,4 and Academy, had to use the mouse. Well I tore my joystick apart and cleaned the terminals, that helped but I would still have to recalibrate every time i took off or shut down the game every time I landed to get it to work... Since then I went out and bought a #5 joystick to tide me over but i hated it (only 2 buttons!!!). I got to thinking (don't, it could be dangerouse) and tore both controllers apart and gutted the $5 joy stick for parts (what do you know they were identicle!). I was able to replace the terminals (the thingies that pick up movement) along with the spings (get excited during games and kinda broke those somehow...). Well, for the last eight months or so that seemed to help alot. I could play all the WC games. Latly however... Lets just say that for the live of me I can't fly strait, and "flying" left handed (done went and got my arm broke...PAY OFF YOUR LOCAL LONESHARK!!! They're not joking when they say they break stuff).
I should get to the point...
Get a new joystick, that's your prob bob. If it's more then a year old (mine's almost 3) The contacts are probly worn which is causing your problems.
If your not sure just do this... Open her up and look at the contacts. There will almost surly be crap in it so take a Qtip (the things you clean your ears with...if you clean your ears
) And clean them off. There should be 2 gray/silver bands. Just clean them off and see if the metal is worn away. If it is get a new stick or go through the bull of buying a cheap one and gutting it for parts... Just buy a new one and leave your soddering iron in draw.
WOW, a novel.

Get them away from me!!! AHHHHH!!! Midgets!!!
Make it stop! Oh please make it stop! Turn the midgetporn off!!!
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My Joystick is only about 3 months old. It can`t be that dirty. I guess I`ll have to stick to keyboard in WC1 and mouse in WC2, or buy a new stick, which I have absolutely no intention doing.
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Only 3 months? Take it back and exchange it for another. So long as you have the reciet they won't give you any trouble. Just tell them the truth...it won't work with your games.
BTW dude, have you giving any thought to going on a killing spree? I could help you get some guns and body armor.

*singing* As I walk through the vally of midgets I take a look at my shoe and see I steped on 5 or 6.

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Guns? Nothing beats a good 'ol axe...

My recomendation would be to exchange your stick for the MS PP. Aside from the little problem I mentioned earlier I never had any problems with it.
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Hmm, as tempting as using an axe is I wouldn't. Getting in close like that with such high chances of blood splatter. I don't know if you've noticed or not but that stuff stains. And on a more seriose note, have you considered STD's? Never know these days.

Exchnge the damn joystick. I tried to return mine but for some reason they won't take it back.

Oh dear god! They scrambed the Spice Channel! When will the horror end?!
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I think I need to have a talk with your shrink, Deadman. I don`t think therapy is working too hot for you. Have you considered changing psychs? I can recommend an excellent one if you want.

Anyway, I don`t think I`ll be switching sticks in the near future, since I probably won`t have much time to play soon.

Thanks anyway, though.
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