A few WC models...


Eder said:
The tools you need are ModelC, PEOViewer, and the PEO exporter plugin for 3d exploration. Oh, and 3d exploration, too.

Basically, open the model in 3d exploration, save as a PEO, open that in PEOViewer, save data to c:\, then open modelC and your model is there. Follow the specifics that are in the tutorial to make sure everything exports right.

I'm afraid there's no easier way to do this, since the tutorial mentions a lot of details that can give you unexplainable errors in the engine.

Hmm, I tried using the lightwave converter (by exporting my file as a .lwo then running the converter). It seemed to work...it generated a .wcp file. How do I convert the .wcp file to an .iff? Am I totally off here?


Mr. Standoff
Doesn't sound like you're off, no.

The thing is, ModelC's importing is a bit weird - you don't get to open any files... modelC takes all the data from a number of files from your root folder everytime it starts up.

So, if you have created the files face.wcp, fvrt.wcp, vert.wcp and vtnm.wcp (and I think there was radi.wcp too, not sure) by using the lightwave converter on a model, just put these in C:\ and open up modelc - your model should be there, from then on just follow the tutorial (this part is pretty straightforward... scale, calc vtnm twice, etc - KW has it all explained step by step).

If you make it that far, you shouldn't have much more trouble with fighters. Capships are tricky, though... thank god there's usually less of 'em.


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Speaking of making fighters and capships, does anyone here have any wc2 Kilrathi ships that are done in the WCSO theme? If so, could I get them for a few missions Im making? thx if possible



Mr. Standoff
There's a converter from .lwo (lightwave file) to .wcp (modelc data) somewhere, I think that's what he meant.