2 Things I Noticed...


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The guy who plays Lev in P2 is going to be the lead character in a private eye flick.

Doesn't Kyle Katarn from Jedi Outcast remind you so much of Blair in WC3? Almost a good Hamil, but the characters' similarities are that of separated twins.


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ya, i noticed that too :)
i saw the commercial and i was like 'wtf have i seen this guy before' then a moment later i actually said out loud : "lev arris".



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No, Katarn doesnt look like Blair....If you have played darkForces:Jedi Knight,the actor who plays Katarn is much much different than Blair.


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actually tcstigersclaw the katarn in jedi knight looks nothing like the katarn in jedi outcast, just as neither look anything like the one in dark forces (great game btw) and to be honest none of them look that much like hammill, maybe its the beard :p

although that said, the luke in jedi outcast really reminded me of blair, say when he was like 30 years younger

wierd huh!


Greek Special Forces B' Company "Naoussa" 2007-200
Well , I agree that the Kyle from Dark Forces has nothing to do with the Kyle from Jedi Knight and from Jedi Outcast , but the Kyle from the last 2 is the same..... If you imagine the actor of JK in 3D is the same :p :p

Well ,we are a LOT of off-topic now


Wait, what private eye movie is Clive Owen in? I know he's a bad guy in The Bourne Identity, but is there another one?


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The Kyle from DF2 Jedi Knight reminded me of Barry Bostwick in Mega Force. So did his acting;)


I always thought it was "Private I," as in Private Investigator, not "Private Eye."
It's "Private Eye", as in "Peeper" (1930's slang for a P.I. [P.I.:the anagram for a Shamus {which is, by the way, 40's slang for P.I.} [I thought I said that!] {No, you explained what a Peeper is} (No, that was me) {Oh, right. Then what'd you do?} [I can't remember...] ([{Screw it!}]).


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he was in a 2 part tv movie in the uk, about a police detective who gradually goes blind throughout solving this murder case, v interesting, cant remember the name of it now, as well as being more recently in the croupier which was a great film

oh and the 3 kyles are one and the same, but none of them look alike


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Speaking of which... There are new BMW films up at http://www.bmwfilms.com Once again Lev Arris... er, Clive Owen is "The Driver".

In the First season of BMW films, myself and others found Clive's Arris Character to be very similar to his Driver for Hire Character