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    WCFL 2.7 Crash

    The best solution, as this is a very rare problem, is to uninstall Freelancer and the FLMM programs. Reinstall both. Then install the Freelancer SDK version 1.3 to the Freelancer directory. THEN install and run the mod. (Don't run Freelancer until everything is reloaded.) The Freelancer...
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    Any News?

    Lt.Death100: Yeah, Accellerator = Graphics card. I got this hunk-o-junk after my job moved to China, and my laptop fried. Been in the stone ages for a few years now. Bob McDob: I'm hoping that the accellerator helps with the problems I had with Marc's models, too. Menacer: All good...
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    Any News?

    Well... In the last installment of Privateer: The Reckoning, even though it reads the same, cruise speed is increased. Also, if you get a ship like the Stiletto, which can carry 3 Afterburners, you can use them to increase your speed dramatically. And, believe it, or not, the systems in...
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    Any News?

    I just got a load of new ships, but my on-board graphics can't handle them. I've been fighting the idea of getting a graphics card, but it looks like I don't have a choice. (It arrives sometime next week.) If that solves the crashing I've encountered with the new ships, I'll release one last...
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    Mission 5 bug

    Sorry 'bout that! Thought I'd fixed it for v2.6, but I ended up removing that battle from v2.7 Problem is that once the traitors torpedo the Rheinland ship, chunks of it float around for quite a while, complete with a commander who continues to give orders. Unfortunately, our ships don't have...
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    Wing Commander FL v2.6

    The Wing Commander FL v2.6 MOD for Freelancer has just been released. It should be available to the public in a day or so. Here's the MOD's ReadMe file to give everyone an idea what's in it: -1) This is no longer a Ship Pack. -2) All of the Player's ships have been replaced. -3) All of...
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    2 difrent versions of MOD

    (That's Bob McDob.) Until they're converted for use in Freelancer, I can't do much with them. Speaking of which... Today, I was going through the various incarnations of Reckoning, looking for ships that weren't in the mod, that should be. I discovered a Raptor in Gamma, but it suffers...
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    2 difrent versions of MOD

    Well... I'm kinda guilty of that, myself. The problems I've had with Reckoning, and all of the new Privateer mods kinda influenced me to rename the mod as Wing Commander FL. Partly to distance it from all of the bugs we had, and to actually do something different. Which is where Bob's...
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    2 difrent versions of MOD

    I didn't say that the Ferret wasn't good, I loved it, but it caused crashes. The Stiletto and Demon, which were in Gamma also, are in this new mod. The other ships, I haven't got converted models for. Bob's been doing the conversion to Freelancer's formats. There is one ship that WC News...
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    2 difrent versions of MOD

    Actually, it's not so much cutting out the older ships, as cutting out the older ship's setups. As I'm not a modeler, I had, originally, relied on modelers to correctly setup the ships for use in the Freelancer game. Unfortunately, I assumed that they had. Recently, several new programs...
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    All Hear This:

    Yeah, well, it may be a small distinction, but I think Wing Commander FL sounds better than Wing Commander Freelancer. As to pics, I'll send you some screenshots along with the mod. (Hopefully, this weekend.)
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    All Hear This:

    ACTUALLY... The mod's title is: "Wing Commander FL" Not "Wing Commander Freelancer." And the current version is v2.6, which still has a few more days of beta testing to go. The reason for the change? While working on Privateer: The Reckoning, I had some people check out a couple of the new...
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    I'm Back!

    Wow! Hadn't realized it'd been so long since I was in here! But, hey, thanx johnhawke, any help would be appreciated. Can you texture some models? I've got some Privateer ships that just need textures to be ready.
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    Does the Gemini System exist?

    In the map section @ WC News, it shows a Gemini System connecting between Troy and Junction, and eventually, to the Sol Sector. Most maps of the Gemini Sector don't show it. They usually also don't show Beta, Delta, Delta Prime, Eden, or Gamma. As I'm working on the "Reckoning" mod for...