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    Shotglass' Bar

    It's looking better and better!
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    WCPedia: Adding real world details to star system info

    I like the idea. But then again, I like merging Wing Commander with the real world.
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    Wing Commander Flat Universe

    Stunning! It is getting better and better!
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    Scimitar WIP

    Hi everyone, It's been a while. I wasn't too happy about the design. It wasn't really how I envisioned it in my mind. So I remade almost everything from scratch! I wanted it to be much more like a modern fighter jet. Since it has three engines I envision it as an interceptor. It should be able...
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    Scimitar WIP

    Hi Guys, Thanks for the comments. Personally I'm not too happy about the placement of the machine guns. I've been looking at some blueprints and concluded there is not enough room for two amunition drums. Alternatively I could use twin DEFA 554 30mm guns like on the Mirage 2000. The...
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    Scimitar WIP

    Hi All, Just learning 3D modelling. Thought it would be fun creating a Wing Commander ship. I'm a fan of the 3D artist here at WCNews. I used to be a fan of the scimitar. Not because it handled well, but because the take of and landing sequence reminded me of the Viper. I wanted to create a...