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    So it's Wing Commander 0?

    It certainly comes across as some kind of prequel. I just dug out my Action Stations novel to help me burn off some of the nostalgic energy. I really find all the hanger shots to be pleasing.
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    Spoony "reviews" Wing Commander

    I'm so glad I'm not responsible for long ranting angry internet threads anymore. The broadside that the Tiger Claw launches, aren't those supposed to be nuclear missiles?
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    Spoony "reviews" Wing Commander

    The review itself is uninspired. All of his points are predictable and cookie cutter. He clearly fails to consider some of the difficulties of making a film in favor of making jokes about sound in space and hairless kitties or misspelled words. If it's meant to be comedy in total than his...
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    Thoughts on new Star Trek movie (*spoilers!*)

    Was I the only one that enjoyed the ending credit art work? It was very sixties and it was just a small thing but I thought it was kinda neat and an attention to a small detail I felt I should mention. -Rance-
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    Thoughts on new Star Trek movie (*spoilers!*)

    To tell the truth I went to this movie extremely angry and determined to like the film to spite internet trek people who have torn this movie apart since it was announced. I was seriously worried that the film itself wouldn't reach me because of these emotions and I have to say the first two...
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    Let's discuss Jump physics.

    Very detailed as always here. The buoy info seems a little bit vague, but I assume that's because information may be vague in the universe lore. Very helpful, thanks blaster and Dund. -Rance- P.S. Has anyone watched The Universe series on history channel? There was a show on wormholes and...
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    Let's discuss Jump physics.

    I'm trying to figure out the different types of jumps in the WC Universe The jump points are accessed through buoys correct? Or are they simply mapping the point so they can find the area with the right spacial conditions? And if it's just based on spacial conditions and not the buoys...
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    Coming home

    Good luck and positive thoughts my friend. -Rance-
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    Mass Effect 360

    I wonder if they'll use the save from the first mass effect to work out how you played the major plot points like the death at Virmire and so on. I finished my 100% playthrough on Hardcore and I'm wondering how I managed so much paragon points despite being nearly 100% renegade. -Rance-
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    Mass Effect 360

    According to a recent article I was reading the sequel utilizes the save game from the first game. I'm going for a 100% playthrough in the next week when I have some solid time blocked off. The thing I'm wondering with this revelation is, how many other games used the save from one game to...
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    Star Wars: Empire at War

    If your looking for a great game with a few blemishes, this isn't for you, but if you're looking for a decent Star Wars RTS for the collection and you're a big star wars person I don't think anyone could walk away totally unsatisfied with the experience. I also like it because unlike some of...
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    The Hardest thing you had to do in Wing Commander??

    I actually went after Thrakath after Angel's death in WC III. I was actually very upset by that death and it was pretty intense considering it was only a game. I think her death was the most graphic I had ever experienced to that point. I know the topic said what you did, but I think the fact...
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    Mass Effect 360

    This game has one of the most solidly written scripts of any new age RPG with great voice acting but the thing that drew me to it was the smoothness in the action you very rarely find yourself in a confused stressful spot with semi-clunky control. I know that sounds kind of silly, but with...
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    Wing Commander II Enigma campaign with SO

    So I replayed the game and I just have a real sense of the game missing the mark that the first one hit and even the third one hit. This being the sense of magnitude of the war. The reason I say this is because I never get the scope or the feel of the size of the enigma campaign itself...
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    Star Trek trailer

    That's the idea Jacob.