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    Unique WC Collectable on Ebay

    It's kind of like a super soaker, only deadlier.
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    Unique WC Collectable on Ebay

    Hey Guys, It's been some time since I posted, but I was browsing Ebay this evening for Star Trek-related stuff and this auction caught my eye: To be honest, I...
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    PSP Launch

    Worf, is it actually bundled together by Sony like that, or is it done by the retailer? Right now there aren't too many retailers in the States that are selling the PSP without a game. EB, Gamestop, Circuit City, Amazon, even Walmart are all selling their own "bundles" with games and...
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    Super Wing Commander

    Sadly, Secret Missions 1 + 2 were never released for Sega CD. I really liked the Sega CD version of the game. Very similar gameplay to SNES, and the voice acting is pretty cool, although not excactly Oscar-performance. If memory serves, the Sega CD version also has a couple of different...
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    Evidence from WC4 that Blair is a Pilgrim

    The reason I bought an N64 at launch. Now a question, although not necessarily relevant - when we refer to Blair's parents in the context of the Pilgrim religion, are we talking about his late parents or his adopted ones (from Academy)?
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    Wing Commander on Ice

    I've been having this recurring nightmare about weird dream threads...
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    Question about Jazz

    Cleary Jazz has read Henry V. [coughing, tumbleweeds]
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    Evidence from WC4 that Blair is a Pilgrim

    As far as the UBW suddenly appearing in WC4, that doesn't seem like the same kind of stretch as inventing a new religion that's central to the plot line, because many of these worlds on the border were colonies, presumably in the same sense that the European powers in the 19th century had...
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    What the-? CIC change fonts?

    "Hooray! I'm helping!"
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    Clive Owen

    Ed, have you seen the movie already, or are you talking about the comic? Because the comic is fantastic, and I sincerely hope the movie lives up to its name.
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    The Word Game

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    The Word Game

    The Fall Guy!
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    What the-? CIC change fonts?

    If you hold the Control key and use the scroll wheel in Internet Explorer, it changes the default font size.
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    Star Fox Assault

    Took me forever to get gold on the last two missions... Good graphics, I'll agree, but this implies that the story to the game was good, and that the supporting cast is important. It wasn't, and they aren't. The story was just more recycled crap that Nintendo is notorious for. Ganon...
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    The Word Game