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    Idea: Tips for new players

    I recomend using Demon, it is faster and Zoom'n Boom tactic works beter. This is with Tracking guns, if not, then C may be beter as it has two missile tubes. Z&B tactic is bit like the one enemy uses exept that you must NOT turn 180 and away from enemy, but you basicaly Zoom through enemy swarm...
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    About the tractor capability

    Tractor capability alows you to have T-beam on mount that usualy woud not alow you to have. Like Demons missile hard point that only holds one missile. Note that you still need to buy T-beam
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    You can buy Talons/Demons?

    Drayman shoud be around New constantinople, least there i saw them.
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    Where to now?

    I just finished missions in Oxford and i was wondering where to go, i did analyse that artifact and Palan was mentioned, so shoud i go there? I played this game before and now im wondering was there any missions to be made for Perry or where those only for Righteous Fire?
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    Privateer Remake 1.0 - Bugs

    I just tryed Demon and i'm impressed, this thing is prety much as Centurion was at old game. I like it.
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    Awesome job!

    My only complaints are only cosmetic things. And what do i think about this game? Well iirc i broke least 2 joysticks while playing olg game...
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    3rd Oxford Mission

    I do remember killing talons by ramming just for fun. Like killing those 4 random talons without firing a shot...
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    my fleet

    Question: I have heard that i can have ships like B-sword and stiletto. How?
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    Idea: Tips for new players

    As in old game. Missiles, missiles, missiles. Later you can try to use guns but do that when there is 1 on 1 fight. BTW i'm using mouse to steer and i'm wondering if joystick works well as it used to work and those tracking guns are unnecessary. Was there any of those in old game?
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    Am I missing something?: Afterburner in Tarsus

    Nope. Milspec guns and those gun tracking mounts are not there.
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    economics 101 comment on the thread

    Privateer 2 had something like that, like that one when cargo ship crash landed on planets main water suply while carrying cecium-XX (this is radioactive stuff?) and needed urgently water.
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    Privateer Remake 1.0 - Bugs

    Other thing that may be bug is that in old game centurion used to be able to run from most of enemies (talon, militia and confeds, maybe even Kilrathis), but now they stay like glued in my a$$ no mater what i do.
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    Privateer Remake 1.0 - Bugs

    I got similar broblem, but i just restarted game. Broblem is that it still thinks that im going around with that centurion (modified to maximum), and all missions are like 17 talons and the guy who must die. BTW isn't that bit exessive, (17 enemies) i mean, in old game 4 ships was something...