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    WC4 Dual Layer DVD - Windows 10 x64

    Thanks, the 6 CD version is DOS compatible. I'm trying to utilize the DVD quality of the Wing Commander 4 DVD that is for Windows only, or so I believe. I would like to be able to play with the high quality movies if possible. I realize I can always fall back to DOSBox and the Dos version if...
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    WC4 Dual Layer DVD - Windows 10 x64

    It's been a while since I played any WC games and I just updated my system. It is still rather old by today's terms but it plays many games that I still enjoy. I'm running into all sorts of problems with my older games. Some have patches and fixes, some I have to manually alter INI files...
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    Kilrathi Saga, Win98, 21" monitor

    I will have to see if that monitor even supports the 640x480 resolution. I'll have to try tonight when I get home. Thanks for the suggestion though. I will report back my findings. NoMention
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    Kilrathi Saga, Win98, 21" monitor

    I put together a Win98 machine so that I could easily play my favorites like Kilrathi Saga, Privateer 1 + 2, WC 4 DVD via Dxr2. I am using a Gateway VX1100 21" monitor and have noticed that when I launch any of the games from Kilrathi Saga, the displayed screen is blown up too much and most of...
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    Wing Commander Cartoon Series DVD

    I will double check and see if episode 12 has the audio problem. I do believe that mine does not but let me double check that just to make sure. As for PS2 compatibility, my PS2 is able to play these discs. Please keep in mind that these are not the cheap discs like Princo, Optodisc, ProMedia...
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    Wing Commander Cartoon Series DVD

    Just as a follow-up... The discs I use are Ritek G03 Inkjet Printable DVD-R discs. Please check compatibility with your player before ordering. I do not (and cannot) record DVD+R discs but most quality DVD players should be able to play DVD-R but it is better to check the owners manual for...
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    Taking damage

    The one that aggrevated me the most was in Privateer 1 when the communications thingie would always break. If you didn't have the repair robot, you couldn't repair it at any of the bases and it would always make that crackling sound. Once you bought the robot, it wasn't a problem but for the...
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    im new here and ive got a question

    I agree that it isn't worth the $150+ that it is going for on ebay. You would be much better off buying an old 486 or even 386 computer and playing the original DOS CD Deluxe versions. It would probably save you about $100. The fact that there was a limited run of them makes them more of a...
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    Wing Commander Cartoon Series DVD

    Wing Commander Cartoon Series DVD - For Sale With Commissar no longer offering this service, I have taken over the role as the key contact for ordering the Wing Commander Acadamy DVD series. It comes on 3 DVDs for NTSC and 4 DVDs for PAL. Right now I can fill 20 orders but it might take a...
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    WC3 in Windows 98

    If you are running Win98, why not just boot to DOS and run it from there. WC3 was built for DOS so that is the best environment to run it in.
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    THAT'S what I call a WC Auction!

    Except that everything is the 3.5" disk set. I have the CD versions of all games (plus the DVD of WC IV) but I am unwilling to sell these. I suppose that for someone that is trying to get everything at once, it would be nice but not having WC1 and Privateer (along with Riteous Fire) on CD...
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    Question About Kilrathi Saga..

    I tried this and it didn't seem to work for me mostly because of the WC3 disc layouts. Each disc contains the files specific for that disc but the files are named the same so you would end up overwriting them. If you can find some way to edit the executable and change the name of the file it...
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    Ok, now I know, quality wise KS sucks...

    Check Ebay, they almost always have WC1 and WC2 Deluxe sets for a couple of bucks. I have an extra copy of WC1 Deluxe CD for Dos if you want it. I had troubles getting the sound to work but that is quite possibly due to the sound card I was using. PM me if you are interested. NoMention
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    WC1 copy protection question.

    There's your problem. A "repack" doesn't mean that it has all the original documents. Looks like you didn't get the complete set. You need to get yourself a new copy of WC1 or find the blueprints. WC1 goes for a couple of bucks on ebay so it might be worth it.
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    WCA DVD Set *REFUNDS* (please read)

    Yes, that is exactly what I am going to do. I just got back from Florida on business so the discs that I received from Commissar might be waiting for me. I will check tonight when I get home from work. I will make an announcement post (that hopefully someone here can make as sticky) and begin...