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    Do NOT get Delta Force: Black Hawk Down

    All of them made it through Hell Week? Damn, kudos to them. Good luck with the rest of their training, and the probation.
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    freelancer demo is out

    I played the demo for a while and I love it to death. But, does anyone else have a problem where there's no dialog? Whenever someone's lips are moving or there's a cutscene I get no sound. Then some other people talk and I hear them fine. Did Microsoft take out some sound to cut file space...
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    I'm doing a 7 year medical program at The College of New Jersey (I'm serious) and the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersery. So many girls on my floor.......:cool:
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    Concordia's sister

    65, huh? Hmmm, same hull number as the Enterprise (the carrier, I mean). Wonder if the people meant something by that.
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    Blair's change of heart . . .

    Hmmm....Sounds like Starfleet, in a way. The ships can still kick ass, but they can also take a good look at what's going on behind the scenes, too.
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    Cadet Blair & Admiral Burgstrom Part II

    Hey Chip, are you an english teacher? You fit the type; overanalyitcal, drawing conclusions from crap, etc, etc...
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    WC:Movie, Medics

    Even in the future, some things never change :D . Then again, the local hospital's pretty lousy :rolleyes:
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    Favorite Carrier

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    Weight matters in space?

    Uhhh, you're talkin about volume. Mass is, well, how much stuff there is. And to be exact, weight = mass x force of gravity. Hope you guys don't mind, i'm studying for my physics regents :rolleyes: New York rules, but why the hell do we need these dumb*** 3 hour tests!
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    WC TV show?

    I just hope it's on regular broadcast. Cable's so damn expensive
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    Weight matters in space?

    Momentum and inertia. Pliers probably meant mass, which is a component of weight.
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    2 Sided WC4 DVD and Windows ME

    Yea, you need a program that either uses mcicinem.drv or another similar drv file. They include WinDVD2000, and ATI's dvd player. There's a thread on this in here somewhere, you've just got to set the display far back enough in the archive. If you do want to get WinDVD2000, you can pick...
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    Anybody ever autoslide through the hanger the wrong way, fire a few bursts of guns, then hit the autopilot and see the ship fly into your shots? I just get a kick out of it everytime i try it.
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    WCII carriers

    Who's Roddy McDowell?