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    Higher than 800x600

    I already thought about a widescreen version with a better resolution (baseart too) but honestly the project has bigger issues engine wise we are currently trying to solve.
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    How does the repair droid work?

    That must be the idea behind it! Of course it leaves the player with a strange feeling beeing alive but somehow already dead. I like it ;)
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    windows vista

    We have not tested the game on Vista and Windows 7 (beta) - yet but i guess the next release will support both.
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    How does the repair droid work?

    You are indeed stranded in space...
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    Burrows Gets a Facelift (December 2, 2008)

    Interesting feedback so far. I guess the only other interpretation of Burrows is an early concept art where Burrows looks more ruthless:
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    Perry Scene - Wallpaper

    The package has < 2000 res versions as well, maybe Loaf or Chris post a link soon :)
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    Perry Scene - Wallpaper

    Today many PC video games feature some kind of wallpaper to pin onto your desktop. Privateer never had an official wallpaper but there was nice box cover artwork! We use that for our website's head as well as for the CD covers we provide for download. The original source was only available in...
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    I can't beat Three Seltek Drones

    Which version of the game are you playing? Such problems should be fixed. What happens if you start to replay from the mission before the drone mission? If you have entered a correct email address the forum should send you a random password, try this...
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    Turrets in PGG

    Auto turrets are propably the most requested feature people want us to implement but we stay true to the original game - so, no auto turrets.
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    Review New Gemini Gold Intro (May 1, 2008)

    t.c.cgi contacted me and requested the pictures in another format so i removed the first set of pictures posted here. I take the obvious No1 request "change the asteroid cockpit scene" with me into the next render session and carefully think about the other suggestions.
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    Review New Gemini Gold Intro (May 1, 2008)

    Here they are, that should be all:
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    Review New Gemini Gold Intro (May 1, 2008)

    Yeah, question is if we should show them at all. The original intro only showed us the upper part of the cockpit with the monitor, you didn't see any asteroids.
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    Gun Attachment please

    Sure, feel free to use them.
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    Privateer Cutscenes

    We already got them :) Thanks!
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    Very annoying fact about Vega strike

    I guess there will always be limitations we have to accept. Vega Strike is not Privateer but i think it is the best engine for Gemini Gold right now. Modifying it takes time and we all know it is far away from being perfect, but look at the progress we made since Gemini Gold 1.0 or look even...