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    I know it was one of you

    Someone left their copy of End Run in the "library" on COP Spin Ghar, Nawa. The world's a small place, just curious as to who it was.
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    WC4 Mod For Homeworld 2 In The Works (June 5, 2006)

    Hey guys, I see some stuff has bee added to the Mod a while back, I was just wondering if any progress had been made, and if anyone was interested in a multiplayer game
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    Checking In Those minis would work pretty well I think. And for fighters, have them operate in wing, just edit the rules a little to keep them organized
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    Confed ships - generally better than Kilrathi equivalents? *Screenshots*

    Well, in on the same token in the star wars movies, fighters seemed to get one shot kills, yet in the books and games, they are much tougher.
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    Checking In

    BTW odd thought here (chock full of those, aren't I,) using LEGO minis you could make a decent tabletop game with only slight modifications to existing rules. Now where the get those bricks...
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    Checking In

    I'm in
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    Cloak Comparison

    Wait, WC4 is on the PSP?
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    About that Super soaker collection You took 6th, Chris.
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    Privateer 2 problem

    yep, no joy.
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    New Piv 2 problem

    I can't get the dos version to work on my computer.
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    New Piv 2 problem

    I got the deluxe edition running with vista, and I can fly around with the speed patch, but I can't do anything with the ALT key. I just hear Vista dinging in the background. I've tried running as admin but it hasn't helped.
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    What's the creepiest thing to ever happen to you?

    Woke up with blood on my hand one morning. That woke me up enough to sit bolt upright in my bed and see that my room was in shambles, and there was a bloody hand print smeared across my wall above my bed. After running around my house to make sure I'd at least hidden the body properly, I went to...
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    Privateer 2 problem

    It's reading Fatal Error- Open failed on file: MUSIC.IFF
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    Privateer 2 problem

    How do I know what my pc can emulate?