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    Races enslaved by the Kilrathi

    Well, in a feudal society as theirs, it would be surprising if they didn't. But it is logical that other races would retain an even lower status.
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    Races enslaved by the Kilrathi

    I was wondering if the Kilrathi would ever *eat* human prisoners during the war. It would be quite terrifying if they did. But they are huge tigers, after all.
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    WC4 is harder than I recall!!??

    Prophecy would have been a heck of a lot better if it incorporated those one-missile-hit kills and collision damage from WC4. WC3 too, for that matter. Actually, WC4 was a much better game then Prophecy was.
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    Save the Behemoth.

    I've also read, sometime ago, that some succeeded to kill Thrakhath and land back on the Victory within the time limit. I wonder if that was just a ghost story, though. :)
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    Great work, people

    I've actually been able to play Standoff now (at the cost of my school results:)) and I must say I really appreciate the amount of work that has gone into it. Although some story elements are pretty expectable and I wasn't really that angry when one of the characters died, I've really enjoyed it...
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    Nasa sued for damaging comet.

    Well, Lazy Panda has a point if he claims that Russians are as weird as most people.
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    War of the Worlds

    Anyone seen it yet? I thought it was a very scary movie which made Independence Day pale in comparison. Although I understand in the US there were some mixed reactions. Tom Cruise remains a great actor.
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    Confederation and Kilrathi Capital Ships

    Well, you have to be an assclown to go against Psych in the first place. If you have any common sense you wouldn't come into conflict with him anyhow.
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    Nasa sued for damaging comet.

    I've seen the trailer yesterday. Fantastic Four actually looks pretty good. I think it's better then Spiderman.
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    Anyone here actually liked Fable? I found it boring as hell, and totally not immersive. It looked beautiful, but that's only enterteining for a while. I enjoyed games like Baldur's Gate I & II though, so I do like RPG's. Just not all of them.
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    Geoffrey Tolwyn

    Well, Wikipedia is this online type of encyclopedia where everyone is able to contibrute. Check There's a lot of stuff there to read for me whenever I'm bored. Sadly because everyone is able to edit, it's not always the greatest source of information in terms of quality.
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    Geoffrey Tolwyn

    This has been written by someone in the Wikipedia entry on Tolwyn. Why does anyone think he would reveal his plans which he deemed so neccessary for humanity to survive to the public? Would he go like "Hmm, now they've captured me, the plan is worthless and shouldn't go on?". That doesn't seem...
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    RelEase date

    Show the fans your progress!
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    Nasa sued for damaging comet.

    Don't state the obvious.
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    Todd Porter