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    Is WC3 via really ready for prime time?

    When I signed the GOG agreement, it says that the configuration through DOSBox is generic and may require tweeking. The other part is most who will play these games are like you, old time DOS Hackers that knew how to configure their config.sys and autoexec's on the fly. Personally, I still...
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    REQUEST: Voice acting!

    AD, I actually had a "Call Back" from Tolwyn! Submitted last Oct. and he wanted me to do it again...
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    Windows 7 - Activation Problems (Not Spam! :))

    Remember OEM vs retail windows 7. i worked for Dell for 8 years, 1.5 of that in tech suppt. You learn a few things. Like nVidia supplies cards to the majors from their own reference maker but with nVidia on the card. Same with ATI. Major's BIOS, (Gateway, Dell, HP, etc.) is modified by...
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    Anyone there already has family (spouse + kids)?

    I have 2 kids, married 11 years. My daughter wants to play the wc series, already have her up on the wc1 & 2 on her laptop. she is a true wingnut.
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    Dark star one and Dark Horizon

    Dark Horizon is by Paradox Interactive, Akella, and Quzar. I havent opened it yet since I am still getting iwar edge of chaos working for me (Flight dynamics are hard to master in the Iwar series!)
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    Dark star one and Dark Horizon

    Anyone know of these two games? I picked them up for a song and a tap-dance (or a shelton slide) ((3 and 4 bucks each)) and was just wondering if they were anything like privateer or privateer 2 Thanks! Andy
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    WC2 deluxe cd dosbox problem

    for me to get Wing2 to run, here is the copy of my bat file, wc2.bat @echo off cd\ cd wing2 loadfix wc2.exe cd\ if you notice, i added wc2.exe instead of just wc2. this solved my problem with the loadfix not starting wc2 on the command line. now i am hiving problems with erros when trying to...
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    A stupid discussion by stupid people

    I personally like the question...However, I just wish it could have linked to the WC universe somehow, like Tolwyn's mental decline into a Hitler like figure in WCIV.
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    A stupid discussion by stupid people

    You are all talking about a very interesting subject. One which will consume generations for centuries, just as it has consumed the last 3 generations about what started, caused, and supported the Nazi movement. My comments are this, The Poles did a FANTASTIC job supplying intelligence to the...
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    Dreadnaught Flight-deck

    Does anyone have an external view of the Tarawa?? I just went through the online ship database but nada was displayed for the ship. I love the flight deck images.
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    Dreadnaught Flight-deck

    Sorry for the late reply, I am on dialup and we just got back from columbus day vacation, camping where WiFi doesnt exist :( Yes, I have the bible downloaded and most of what I was asking and referencing came from there as well as doing text searches through the CIC ship database. I...
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    Dreadnaught Flight-deck

    I actually found out that Victory IS a concordia class Strike Carrier. Found it in the CiC ship database two nights ago while looking up the concordia herself. You have the Concordia Dreadnaught Class herselft and then you have the Concordia Strike Carrier Class ships that the Lex and Victory...
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    You are so right, My appologies for doing so.
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    Status of mod?

    My daughter likes the old WC games. She likes Star Lancer, Privateer, Crimson Skies. All the flight sims I fly. I have all ready setup an old Pentium Celeron computer for her in her room for her that she uses with all my Wing Commander Games from 1 through SO to play with. You should hear...
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    Status of mod?

    Yes, there is a WII system in the living room. Yes, he prefers the WII. Yes, he was not happy to learn how to work on a PC until I told him that he could not play star wars unleashed until he learned how to work on the PC. Once he saw the dust, dirt and pieces (very old Dell that had only 4...