Dark star one and Dark Horizon


Anyone know of these two games? I picked them up for a song and a tap-dance (or a shelton slide) ((3 and 4 bucks each)) and was just wondering if they were anything like privateer or privateer 2




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Dark Star One is a fun Privateerish game. It isn't Wing Commander, but I enjoyed playing it. Don't know Dark Horizon. Wasn't that that russian game?


Dark Horizon is by Paradox Interactive, Akella, and Quzar. I havent opened it yet since I am still getting iwar edge of chaos working for me (Flight dynamics are hard to master in the Iwar series!)
Exterminator: And a BIG 'indeed' about I-War! :D I just have to share a reminiscence about I-War 1:
During the mandatory maneuver training-mission, you have to push your mostly newtonian 170'000-ton discus with thrusters and cockpit through a number of rings. You can ask the instructor 'What if I hit one?'. :) (His response is, incidentally: '... It will hurt.' Classic!)
I approve of your taste in random purchases. Like cff, I found DSO a fairly enjoyable middle-ground between Privateer and I-War - it might not rock your world, but it isn't bad. I don't know Dark Horizon at all. I found some bits of its soundtrack lying around on the net, and I was greatly impressed by it. Music, however, does not a great game make, mkay? Do report your findings, though.


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Here is a review I found on the web for Dark Horizon, I have no idea if its any good, I haven't played it.


It seems that it might be worthwhile to pickup Dark Star One, so I'll keep my eye out for it on my travels.

I quite liked I-War, it was a bit Linear but I enjoyed it, especially the mission where you placed space mines on the neutronium containers and then suckering the pirates into picking them up hehehe, After getting boarded no less and them chucking the crew out the airlock one by one!!
Anti Matter is pretty nasty stuff in that game too.

Edge of Chaos was more open ended to a certain degree, the pirating was pretty good, but most of the time I just seemed to pick up garbage, perhaps it was just me.