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    I Just Downloaded Wing Commander IV

    my first pc was 086 16mhz and 20 meg hard drive! first wingcommander game came in a bundle with a 386 and it had a turbo button. amazing!
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    well im not spending a fortune on a new joystick, ive got my sidewinder but i have always preferred to use mouse and keyboard
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    is anything going to be done to improve the controls in flight, i may be missing something of not have it setup properly, but it just seemed sluggish and jumpy
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    this game, WC Saga, and the truth

    Ok so the post may have been a bit offensive, but i think it was done like that just to get a reaction and he got one! I have been eagerly waiting to hear more from this project so i check the post's and the website and theres nothing, so it would have been nice just to see a progress update...
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    Loading Screen Artwork

    awesome :D
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    Loading Screen Artwork

    the pictures look good, is ther going to be a slide show of pictures going on as the game loads, u know like you get in some installations of games, maybe show importants specs of ships of places? I am not sure whether you guys are going to have intro or anything like that, but it would be...
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    Tarsus Cockpit WIP

    amazing work, can't wait to have a go at the demo when it is released, keep up the good work and keep releasing bits n pieces
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    The Way Life Should Have Been (December 17, 2005)

    surely with the ability and standard of model makers and wot not around these forums, would it not be possible to make this into A fully fledged game?
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    Tarsus Cockpit WIP

    looks good!
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    Hadrian's intro animation

    yeah i was asking about this has there been any more progress or no?
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    Tarsus Cockpit WIP

    where is the cup holder in the chair! :-)
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    Tarsus Cockpit WIP

    the side windows seem to be missing as a ledge that seems to go round? it might just be my eyes tho
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    Privateer Trailer

    i forgot how jumpy the targetting was on the original
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    any new information

    anything else been happening with this project, artwork looks awesome guys, congrats. trouble is i don't want to wait, i wanna play now
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    reworked intro

    ok so a while ago ther was work going on a new intro for privateer, well an updated one anyway, has this been scrapped or is it still a w.i.p?