any new information


anything else been happening with this project, artwork looks awesome guys, congrats.

trouble is i don't want to wait, i wanna play now


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Howdy, thanks for the interest!

Well, right now Joel is working on the space flight engine, i'm modeling up some cargo stuff, and Howard is working on planets and textures. Real life has forced a general slow down, with Joel being in college, Howard working in the industry on some nifty neat-o projects, and me in college with a load of art classes.

It may take a little longer than originally planned as a result, but overall we're still plugging away towards the demo.


Any guess on how long til the demo's available? I'm sure you don't have anything specific, but are we looking at days, weeks, months, etc? I'm very hyped about this project and just eager for any morsel you guys throw out there!

Thanks for investing so much of your time and talent! You guys are awesome!


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I'd say we're looking at like a year before playable stuff materializes. And that actually would be a pretty short timetable for WC fan projects.


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Yup. Our original timetable has certainly been reviewed and seen to be a bit...ambitious. With Howard working, Joel in School, me in school and prepping to join the army as well, definately will be some time before you guys get anything playable.

But, the project moves on at a pretty good clip considering, we'll try and get you guys some shots of any new models and what have you.


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On that note, what's going on with the project website? It seems to be rather 403ish lately.


I kinda figured it would be the end of 2006 before there'd be a playable demo, and it would be sometime in 2007 before the first release version. As long as you keep us updated on what you're doing on it, I don't mind the wait--it sounds like it will be worth it!


wow.. thats looks amazing! all the WC-I ships... i start dreeaming of my first ralari kill (wasn't that thas mission wehre i get a "clearance to kill maniac if he didn't folow my orders (with cannons.. rockets are to expensive))

... on a amiga 500.. with about 15 fps ;)

i see it right that this game wouldn't be a "free" game? if yes.. what plan you about the price? and how would it be selled? online only? or would there be an boxed version.. i think the boxed version is a little bit utopic, and would increase the price.


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well, unless EA were to take an active interest in this, it's going to be a free release full game when finished. we can't charge anything.


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Hehe, if EA were to take active interest in our mods, they'd probably do so with lawyers, and screw all of us over. :p