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    Latest Pioneer Update...

    Good to see you guys keep plugging away. These things are always long haul and usually frustratingly slow - moreso for the developers than anybody else. I would suggest open sourcing the game engine might help speed things up if coders are the main progress constraint... there's lots of...
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    Is this project dead?

    My Advice To those who responded constructively: Vega Strike is one of a few options... the Freespace2 engine is also worth looking at (BSG: Beyond the Red Line is especially impressive). VS has limitations, yes. However it also has a steady developer base, and of late has improved...
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    Is this project dead?

    Perhaps it would be wise to assess where you are with your game engine and whether it's appropriate to bite a bit of pride and adopt an existing game engine that you can customise a bit over time. Honestly if you guys had started this as a Vega Strike mod you'd have been much further along by...
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    New Models Dump Thread!

    There's modelling going on over in the WCU section of the VS forums. That's probably the best place to ask about it.
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    Website Facelift for Priv GG

    Looks good but you need a border on the right to transition from cockpit-to-black for those of us with larger resolutions.
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    Question about Wing Commander Universe

    Big words from little people.
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    First Pioneer Demo Delayed

    Better to take a bit of time to get it right than get it out early and broken.
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    Galaxy get's a new look?

    What texture? ;-)
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    It's been a long time...

    I look forward to the updated base art. It should make the game experience even better. On a unified version, it would definitely boost the development of the game by pooling resources. Also the Gemini Gold name is better than PR. However I can't really see the GG developers relenting on...
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    Quit Jerking Up the Voting Thread

    What a surprise; Privateer Remake is omitted! I abstain.
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    Work on Hellcat model by Chuck

    Not that it matters, but I consider that to be trolling. ;)
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    Work on Hellcat model by Chuck

    Well he's been continuing relentlessly whilst Brad has also knocked out some incredible models. See these two threads (hopefully not seen as advertising) for pictures: Hellcat (remodelling) - Chuck Thunderbolt Who? ThunderBOLT... - Brad
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    Is the game still in development?

    Great argument. Let's argue about a country with a history of a few hundred years compared to others with histories of thousands of years. That's really relative.
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    Work on Hellcat model by Chuck

    Feel free to comment there. Or does it have to be here for you to comment? :)