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    WC3 - 90 second Thrakhath Challenge :)

    Hi, it's been a while but i always come back to the CIC, and yes, i only had the Kilrathi Saga version and if you kill Thrakhath you can't get back in that version.
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    The origin of the Talon?

    I remember making a lot fur fly against a dralthi when using a Tarsus. Now, a Gothri was another thing.
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    WCKS full screen problems

    I just searched the forums and i found out the "screen resolution" solution, and it worked! Is there a new thing? Or is that the only solution?
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    WCKS full screen problems

    Hi! I've been out of talking for too long, but i've been here as a lurker for all this time anyway :). I have a new computer, with Windows 7, and a video card Intel HD 4600, with a recently updated driver. The thing is, i just installed KS because i have some free time (finally!) and i find...
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    Tales of the Claw

    I love it :D
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    Ultima Forever's Kilrathi Island is Real! (August 17, 2014)

    You're right, it looks more like a Drakhri.
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    Wing Commander 3 Free on Origin

    I still have my Kilrathi Saga version.
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    rank your fav wing commander games in order

    Privateer (maybe i'll just kill a drayman or two... on second thought!) WC1 (i just loved it from the first time i played it) WC1-SM2 (it was the second wc i had and i loved it too) WC4 (i felt like in a movie) WC3 (i felt like in a lower budget movie :p) WC2 (Never liked Blair's face in this...
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    Privateer voices

    Maybe this is an old question, but does anybody have information about the people that voiced "Privateer"? I recently re-installed it and played it with dosbox, and i just realized that Burrows's voice makes much resemblance with the actor who plays "Saul Goodman" in "Breaking Bad", but i didn't...
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    The Darkest Dawn is Cleared for Launch

    I'll download the torrent and seed it when it's done, congratulations!!
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    Privateer Day: A Tarsus Visits Babylon 5? (June 3, 2011)

    I remember seeing that!! And i thought "That's a tarsus!"
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    What if... - Wing Commander never happened?

    All i know is that i never liked x-wing, and i think it was because of wing commander.
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    A Question For Those In The Know

    I believe i still have a box of virgin 5,25 hd disks somewhere.
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    A Question For Those In The Know

    Oh wow, 5,25" disks, what good memories, i bought both wc1 and wc2 in those formats, as well as SM1 and SO1 and 2 (both came in a package i posted here once).