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    This thread is about cars; if you fag it up I will delete you.

    I actually did feel like a massive fruit while riding around on a bike that weighed less than me, but I tried to make up for this by filling it with 2-cycle racing oil at $10 bucks a can. It didn't go any faster, but when I scrapped it the engine was apparently in excellent shape.
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    This thread is about cars; if you fag it up I will delete you.

    Reading this thread makes me feel silly since I don't know anything about cars. It makes me feel even more silly when I realize that my day job involves sitting in a car factory editing car manuals, and yet I don't know anything about cars. And, seeing Trelane's badassssss ninja reminds me...
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    Farenlye 9/11

    悪即斬 aku.soku.zan. Bonus points, because I don't want to post in this fucking thread more than once. Searching in Japanese is the best thing in the world, or maybe the worst. edit: forgot the best one. I don't fucking know either, man.
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    Political Structure of the Confederation

    American sci-fi uses American ranks and titles because that's what Americans are familiar with. German sci-fi uses German ranks and titles because that's what Germans are familiar with. Zimbabwean sci-fi uses Zimbabwean ranks and titles because that's what Zimbabweans are familiar with. I...
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    Dock that chink a day's pay for sleeping on the job!

    Slim Pickens is the best actor ever.:eek:
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    Pet Scifi-Project

    Well, really, most of them don't. It's the occasional one or two here or there (based on extrapolations of currently-understood laws of the universe and perceived needs) that eventually end up resembling something that's actually developed. Far more, however, simply aren't realistically...
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    Pet Scifi-Project

    Three words: Automated Jinking System. You see, if you know you're a potential target for enemy sniper ships (which is what these long-range laser vessels would effectively be) you just have a computerized system that fires your vernier thrusters in short pulses to alter the short-term...
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    Kilrathi Chipmunks

    Wow, I actually get this joke. The Alvin & the Chipmunks Christmas Special kicks ass.
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    PETITION: Wing Commander Music CD?

    I bought a copy of that scary WCP soundtrack with all the people screaming in German, so I don't see why I wouldn't buy a real WC soundtrack either.