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    Freelancer porting of Wing Commander ships

    A few years ago there was an April Fool's gag that completely replaced the Freelancer universe with that of Privateer 2. IIRC missions were never implemented, but otherwise it was a mini-total conversion, with new factions, ships, equipment, planets and commodities. It might be worth a look if...
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    Original Wing Commander Artist Here.

    Was one of them this one, by any chance?
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    Goodbye, Tony Stockton (May 8, 2013)

    This is absolutely terrible news. The CCN was one of the most ingenious UI designs I've ever seen: it was such a simple idea, but so brilliantly executed, and it lent so much to the character of the game. I've typed up the interview from the Privateer 2 guide which includes Mr. Stockton. It...
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    Just Joined Your Site

    A lot of them are just goofy. I'll always remember Paul Hughses': And Paul Chapman's: While I was digging up the Who's Who, I found the ships used in The Darkening advertisements. It looks like I was wrong - these are clearly more detailed than the in-game ships (which explains why they...
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    Just Joined Your Site

    "Clinical and ruthless in combat, prospective employers should nevertheless be warned of his propensity for quoting obscure Asiatic mystical texts." Were any of these write-ups in-jokes based on the team member or were they assigned randomly?
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    Just Joined Your Site

    Thank you for your response! I remember loading up the models for the first time, opening up the UV maps and, once I realized what I was looking at, thinking "this must have taken superhuman effort to do!" But it was worth it, because it gave the game a level of detail that really was...
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    Just Joined Your Site

    I have quite a few questions, so please forgive me! They still hold up quite well today: Paul Hughes released the game models and some other assets some time ago. I've looked through them, other people have rendered them with modern technology like above, and some people ported them to...
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    Just Joined Your Site

    I'm a tremendous fan of Privateer 2, and it is a great honor and a privilege to have you here, sir. The ships of that game are marvelous. Even after all these years, they have a charismatic charm about them. [Starlancer's, too]. I dimly recall reading that they were modeled in clay first; any...
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    WCPedia Goal Reached!!

    We <strike>Can Do</strike> Did it! Check out right now! The WCPedia has hit 2,634 entries - that's a startling 400 new articles in just over one and a half months! Primary credit has to go to AD, who's been dumping Movie-related documents like the world...
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    Some models...

    I really love that cruiser. Lovely meshing of forms that still manages to capture the WCIII aesthetic (and a bit of Secret Ops, as well?)
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    It's Absolutely Enormous! (July 19, 2011)

    Which I would think False Colors would corroborate: The holo-image showed a man in a sick bay bed, breathing with considerable difficulty and speaking in a ragged, throaty voice. Zachary Banfeld didn't look much like a ruthless pilot, Bondarevsky thought. More like the frightened survivor of a...
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    The one thing where Wing Commander was far better than most popular Sci-Fi

    Just wait until they bring out THE EVENT.
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    Wing Commander RPG

    Nevertheless, if you're serious about running a game set in the Tri-System, my advice would be to prime yourself by reading the manuals. They're not just a great style guide into the Privateer 2 mentality, but they have all kinds of neat throwaway references and bits you can use (especially the...
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    Wing Commander RPG

    Priv 2 code-ified for your reading convenience: Also, you missed Zakariah Skintight's album, "No butts", 49 creds. And I mean, really? Forgetting Zak? HOW COULD YOU??? You MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Orion, mainly, if memory serves. (I just...
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    Last Line of Defence

    I think