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    "MORTIS REX" ["King Of Death"]!!

    Now this one sounds awesome, and has quite a familiar feel to it huh?? It's "MORTIS REX" which means "King Of Death" in Latin. It's a $25m. UK production from 'Intandem Films' set to begin filming in the second quarter of next year and will be directed by Peter Briggs. It takes place in the year...
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    "Viking Storm"[2009]!!??

    Hmmn?? Now this is VERY interesting; the "Viking Storm" [2009] entry has been deleted and now in it's place is this: "ALIEN UPRISING: [2009]: I'm really begining to think it's a mock-buster of "Outlander" :confused::cool:now.
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    [EDIT: Confirmed - Date is BOGUS] DVD nov 18th? what?

    DAMN!! This just makes me sick to my stomach!! Why would they have put all that money, blood, sweat, tears, hard work, devotion, and years into this production if they were just going to treat it like another straight-to-dvd 'Sci-Fi-Channel Original'?? This kind of film deserves so much better...
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    "Viking Storm"[2009]!!??

    ~~~!! Yeah, much like 'Asylum Ent.' they're pretty notorious for these mock-busters. Usually these films are terrible, but sometimes they can be fun too. ;)
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    "Viking Storm"[2009]!!??

    I found this in one of my internet searches: That company is very notorious for 'mock-busters' or knock-offs of Hollywood's blockbusters, much like 'The Asylum' . I'm sure that it's meant to cash-in on "Outlander", but what I wonder is does it feature...
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    The Outlander Trailer has Arrived!!!!

    Hi, just joined. The trailer looks awesome and I can't wait for more!! This movie's gonna rock so damned hard!!