"Viking Storm"[2009]!!??

Avery Guerra

I found this in one of my internet searches: http://www.halcyonpix.com/view.php?id=39 That company is very notorious for 'mock-busters' or knock-offs of Hollywood's blockbusters, much like 'The Asylum' . I'm sure that it's meant to cash-in on "Outlander", but what I wonder is does it feature any big creatures in it as well?? The description says: 'violent invading force from the underworld.' Hmmn?? :D


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Uh.. wow. That looked pretty much DTV to me. Doesn't sound like monsters... possibly the undead of some kind? Sounds kind of like the plot to that Battle for Asgard video game that recently came out.

The trailer didn't really tell us much of anything though. Looked more like a straight-up viking battle movie.

Kind of hilarious actuallly, considering that they are the same people bringing us:


"A research scientist, trapped in a bio-helmet that can never be removed, seeks revenge on the man who robbed him of his work, family, and his identity"

Avery Guerra


Yeah, much like 'Asylum Ent.' they're pretty notorious for these mock-busters. Usually these films are terrible, but sometimes they can be fun too. ;)


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Good catch. This one sounds like it was created by a random movie plot generator.


The Kluduthu initiate terrorist attacks, implicating the Terrans in violence against Andromedan civilians.. But their secret weapon is much more devastating: the Kluduthu are looking to recruit a "Bloodmask" -- a legendary descendant of a chameleon-like humanoid race. If they manage to turn a Bloodmask into one of them, no-one will be able to stop them from infiltrating the government and launching the intergalactic massacre.


Draugr: Undead


BUT the vikings did have "undead" roaming around to contend with. Called "Draugr"