Young Angel Devereaux


Rear Admiral
Hey guys!

I did a paint over a 3D model I sculpted years ago. It's of a young Angel. Originally I was going to make a 3D model of her WC1 character, but liked the look of a younger Angel.

I thought you would enjoy it. Hope you like it!


Here's the original model:

It was used for Howard Day's Wing Leader characters. But I really wanted to finish it in the way I wanted it to look so I finally got around to finishing it.

And I made a 16 bit look for those that prefer the old pixel graphics.
It's been too long, always happy to see your work sir! Your imagination and your character portraits are just top notch!
She looks younger than her WC1 representation, yet her hair is shorter. Maybe it just hasn't grown out yet. Definitely faithful to the original hair though. I like it.

Nice touch keeping her favourite earrings.