Yeah well...


Won't let me use my username for some weird reason. Its me, Whisper.
A year or two ago?! Sounds like a case of abandonment to me! ;) I had to take down all of my forums. Dunno how but some bots seemed to have found them, even when they were hidden, and we had huge amounts of porn crap being posted on them. :(
YAY--Whisper is BACK!

Sorry I haven't emailed you--my home system crashed--hard drive is DEAD--lost a lot....

But it is truly WONDERFUL to have you here. :)

For those who don't know, Lady Whisper was the creator of 'Worlds of Origin'--one of the FIRST Origin fan sites EVER!

Thanks for coming back out to play, and we all hope that you'll spend more time with us in the future!

Thanks for the nice welcome. And thanks for unearthing me. You seem to have a knack for finding old relics. :D

Actually, it was THE first Origin fan site. heheheh And boy, did I catch hell for it. "Got your head up Garriott's a$$, eh?" Not like I cared though, obviously. ;)

Loaf told me about your system crashing. Sorry to hear that. :( I've had that happen, sucks bigtime. If there's anything vital, maybe you can send it to one of those computer forensic companies and they can save some of it.
what was the original URL?

Just quickly OT: Hi, I've made an attempt to register, but the verification image doesn't show up in Firefox, Opera or IE...

I'm more an Ultima fan than WC (i spend way too much at, in particular), but man, I'm enjoying reading through some of these old threads, and I feel like I should've been on these boards long, long ago...

Back *on* topic, I'd love to know the URL of the Worlds of Origin site - I'd love to chuck it in the waybackmachine and see what the site looked like to reminisce.

On yet another note, the origin museum website seems to be gone =/