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1st time post here. looks like a great web site.
been a fan of wing commander since wc3
was wondering if there was any upgrade versions of wc3+4 to run on Windows 98?
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WC 3: There is an upgraded version, but I think the only way of getting it is to buy The Kilrathi Saga (which is WC 1-3, all upgraded for Win9x).
WC 4: There is a patch to get the DOS version to run in Win9x properly. This patch comes with The Kilrathi Saga. It can also be downloaded from the Origin web site.
Is there a way to determine which version of WC4 I have? I got it installed under Win95 without any problems (which always makes me suspicious because I'm paranoid
This little box called "Hide Windows" does magic!). I looked through the manual and found a section describing how to set the game up under Win, but following those instructions didn't work out that well. By doing the installation on my own the game didn't complain a bit and runs without problems.
The same applies to WC3.

In case you wonder why I call this procedure "installation without problems": Installing a game by the book and failing doesn't count for me as a problem because it's normal!

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Actually, I too played the old DOS version of WC 4 in Win9x, without any real problems... No, wait. There was one slight problem - it crashed every time I tried to test the sound in the install program. But other than that, it worked... I think. I've got the KSaga, so I decided to install the WC4WIN9X patch just in case
Anyway, if you play and you have no problems, than don't worry about the patch. Just keep playing...
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