Wing Commander Sim

Does anyone want to start a WC sim at the wingnut# IRC chat? If it's okay with the CIC staff. If you're interedted post here or pm me.
Like Halman said, if indirectly, you should set up another channel for it on the CIC IRC server. As far as I know, there's no special permissions required to create a channel. "/chanserv help" will get you started on the details for registering the channel (meaning chanserv will hold it if no one's present, until 30 days after the last showing of a channel Operator) and related stuff.

Primarily, it's the issue that #wingnut is a general chat channel, and running an RP in it would be disruptive.
Okay, me (MajorCamKollent) and powell99 are announcing the TCS Saratoga fighter rpg. As soon as we get more bios entered and positions filled we'll start posting mission briefings. You will be a Strike Sabre Pilot in the squadron Unsung Heroes. The rpg starts at the beginning of the Battle of Terra and we'll continue from there. Depending on how many users come we'll do a bridge sim for the TCS Saratoga. Also we may start a channel on the IRC here for special mission sims. Now I bet you're dying for the link, so here it is:
MajorCamKollent said:
Okay now the question is who wants to join?

I think the first question should be what do you intend? Give us something to be interested in instead of barebones ideas.
Obviously, the net is changing. Or I am. Some time ago, I'd have just picked up a name from the roster and taken off, no matter what good the storyline would be. But now I look at my internal "time available" and "fun achievable" gauges and note that both register very little when presented with your project.
It's a nice idea and a nice format (who remembers the awkwardsness of Play-by-Mail?), but the content is nothing new, and nothing exhilarating. If you have some idea which would make the whole thing a bit more thrilling (whatever - how about: The Saratoga has a leak, there's only 24h of oxygen left? Nah..), I'd be sure people will look in.
Okay, The TCS Saratoga starts off with the Battle of Earth (thats were we are now). The campaign will go on untill the war ends and into peace time. AS you know from Fleet Action the Saratoga is a Concordia Class Fleet Carrier and the only Fleet Carrier other than the Concordia that survives the battle. The goal of the RPG is to provide a large Fighter RPG that stays true to Wing Commander Canon as humanly possible. As of know we only have a Sabre Squadron. As the player base grows we will expand the RPG to fit these needs. While we certianly dont expect 90+ members to start, we chose a Concordia Class just so we have the ability to accomidate plenty of people. For certian Special Operations The Saratoga will use an IRC channel. Also we hope to have the Ships Marines play a roll in the overall story.
Sorry, but I can't seem to acces the site anymore:( . Guess that means I'm gone. Feel free to use my character for plot purposes.