Wing Commander : Secret OPS - How can I activate the french subtitles nowadays ?


Hi everyone,

I bought all Wing Commander games on GOG and now I would like to play : Wing Commander - Secret OPS.
I'm french and I would like to read the subtitles in game in french.

Long time ago, when Wing Commander Prophecy and Secret OPS runned on Windows XP (I think the GOG version did not even exist), there was a patch to apply and the text becomed in an other langage (german or french, we could choose if I remember well).

I think this patch was this one we can find here :

With this patch, the language changed for Wing Commander Prophecy and for Secret OPS too.

But now, with the GOG version, this patch does not seem to be working anymore, I think it is too old for WIndows 10 or the GOG version of Secret OPS should be a little bit different from the old version of this game.

I can speak and write a little bit in english but the game is more imersive to me if I can read the subtitles in french.

So, if someone know how I can activate the subtitles of Secret OPS in french, please tell me how I can do it, it would be great ! :)

Thanks so much for your help.
Bienvenue, Thier. It's been a while since I've looked at the files, but I don't recall French text for Secret Ops. Looking at Prophecy Gold on GOG, it isn't clear what they made available either (I just see some documents in Italian listed).

Funnily enough, I often use French subtitles to see if I can pick up anything (as a native Anglophone) - don't recall an option to do this in Secret Ops. With the strong popularity of Wing Commander in Germany I think non-English localisations of the games are far more common for German than other languages, though I recall there are French subtitles for Wing Commander IV.