Wing Commander Rising Day Storm. Prequel several years before the introduction of the Tiger's Claw. This is just a segment. Hope it's enjoyable.


Rising DayStorm.
By Philip West

INDEX ( Ruling Clans of the Kilrathi Empire. )
Nar Kiranka : The ruling clan of the Kilrathi empire long before the start of the Kilrathi- Terran war. Nar Kiranka was the first clan to develop space travel.
Nar Caxki : Warrior clan noted for the brutal and tenacious attacks on human war and medical ships along the front lines. Primary control of front line worlds.
Nar Issk: Also a warrior clan but more logical and analytical in the attacks on human warships and space stations. The have constant disputes with Nar Ragitagha.
Nar Ragitagha: Largest and possible the most egotistical of all the ruling clan’s in the Kilrathi Empire. They own most space stations, colonies, and warships within the empire.
Nar Ki’Ra: Noblest and highly respected, experts of espionage and warfare tactics, though owns the least territory within the empire.
Nar Sikhag: One of the lowest and least respected of the clans. Their lack of knowledge of warfare regulated them to an inner world police force at the servitude to the more powerful clans. They were disdained by many.
Kilra'hra : Lowborn Kilrathi non-nobles given light fighters and low ranking in the Kilrathi armies with low stations until proven. Upon advancing Kilra'hra advance to Ailra'hra or ace status and given their choice of fighters and commander over a flight group or become a Kilrathi Vanguard with possible command over a platoon.
Thrak'hra : Of noble bloodlines who are ace fighter pilots of their perspective clans.



* * * * * Wing Commander

The orbital construction yard drifted high in the Earth's atmosphere. As the sun's life giving rays broke the planet’s zenith, they revealed a beehive of activity. Hundreds of multi-armed weld bots scurried all over the framework of Confed’s newest carrier, systematically searching out weak points. Intense white and blue arc flashes flared all over, simulating a small space battle. Earth's major space port and C.H.C (Confederation High Command) headquarters orbited close by the dockyard, which was the hub of incoming construction freighters and cargo containers. Since the carriers approval both dock yard and Earth's space port had become a current of activity. Communication traffic was at an all-time high as inbound transports request docking clearance that was disappearing posthaste. All knew with growing annoyance that this would be the first of many problems. But little could be done to avert the looming traffic jams that would soon have many commercial and independent freighter captains on edge with frustration. If things became too bad, it would begin to affect the completion and online operation date. Delays and setbacks were something the admiralty wouldn't tolerate given the hurdles it had to overcome with the project managers and construction supervisors over the carrier. With the war raging across the front line sector of Confederation space and the blood lusting Kilrathi making gains on all fronts a frantic rush was what they wanted. The brass had set an initial date of four years for the carrier's operational readiness. Project managers had instantly scoffed at such a deadline at once, claiming something this complex and massive would need six to seven years and that was pushing it. The top brass argued that the cats wouldn't give us seven years and that they'd better find a way to get it done. It wasn't long before egos and tempers from both parties had soared to highs far above that of Mt. Everest and threatened to reach far into unexplored space. Arguments soon broke out deadlocking the project before frame had been bolted. The deadlock became so bad that Confederation High Command was forced to step in and quell the dispute. As ego's were soothed and tempers returned to Earth's precious atmosphere a grudging agreement was reached with a completion date of five years. Though the management team wouldn't guarantee all systems would be up and running. Confed brass wanted to push the envelope again, but with C.H.C looming in the shadows they knew better. For many in Sol system it was the beginning of many sleepless nights.

* * *
New Liberty Station (Sol System)
2639 A.D.
Twelve smooth high polished blackened leathered chairs encircled the magnificent glass table centered in the room. A small data console was centered in the center atop the table, periodically displaying random information. On a far wall hung the Confederation flag, ironed to a sharp crisp with its silver and gold emblem displayed proudly in the center. Hanging just as crisply next to it was the United Terrean Treaty flag displaying over five hundred gold and silver stars with a much larger platinum star in it's center, a reminder to all mankind of its humanity through unity. Built into the opposing wall stood six large solar windows offering any viewers a beautiful eye view of Sol systems main dock yard and it's many projects under development. Next to the room's hatchway doors, a terminal flashed green followed by a slight hiss as both doors opened. A tall, lithe man entered almost immediately, as if he never broke stride. Following close behind him was a shorter and slightly pudgier man. Both wore high silver and grey confederation uniforms. Coming up the rear were two marines dressed heavily armored and sporting intimidating blaster rifles.
"Wait outside", ordered the taller of the first pair. Their faces covered by blast shields hid whatever expression they may have had. Both marines looked at each other before turning about and exiting with the doors closing behind them.
" Computer, upon my command you will execute a full memory wipe of any preceding conversation from memory banks." said the taller of the two.
“Order confirmed. Admiral awaiting. Command execute. “Replied a female computerized voice.
“Admiral, it's not a good idea to leave your personal guard." said the second.
“Cody, if those Kilrathi bastards can get an assassin this far behind our lines-- into the heart of Sol, then they deserve a shot at me. ", the admiral replied. Admiral Welker was a tall and Swinney man who almost gave off a puny impression-- if not for his height. Few who knew him however would ever say that Welker and weak were not used in the same sentence. His salt and pepper hair and hawk like features spoke of confidence and experience. Matched with a pair of thunder cloud grey eyes and hard stress lines only caused by war he was one the confederations major sol war hero. Among the first to encounter the Kilrathi empire years ago as a capital in the confederation navy, he'd been named as one of the few who'd made first contact and survived.
Back then, little was known about the cats except that every encounter resulted in blood and chaos. Welker had proven time and time again to be a survivor and brilliant tactician against the them. He played a vital role in the McAuliffe ambush and was a primary factor in the surviving confederation forces. Having been one of the few to receive and carry out shore leave cancellation for forces under his command. A captain back then, he’d rendezvous with Commander Winston Turner's surviving forces for a last minute counter offensive in the hopes of relieving pressure on the marines who were in hard combat planetside. It wasn't long before he gained the rank of admiral, at which constant fighting had led to all-out war. Winning several major engagements and playing another vital role at the recent Enyo engagement he had linked up with Geoffrey Tolwyn, a promising captain to route Kilrathi forces at Enyo had preserved systems along confeds front lines and ensured the existence of a confederation presence, which from the beginning had its back against the wall. The cost was steep, losing a close to a quarter million colonist prisoners to the Kilrathi.
Soon after, his reputation had grown to legendary status on par with Admiral Banbridge himself as a war hero and major thorn in the Kilrathi's side. Confed had even named it’s foremost battlestation, a pearl and major stronghold, after the man for his exploites over the empire. Even the elite within the cats had to give the man grudging respect for a hairless ape human.
“Still sir, it's just not a safe practice." Cody replied.
“Cody, if things don't change for Confed soon, then safe won't matter.” Welker waved dismissively. Both came to the table and sat. Cody studied Welker's features briefly, seeing worry and stress lines almost magically appear across the man's face. The man was under a mountain of pressure from the situations of war not to mention this newest project the Confed. C.H.C had just approved.
Pinching the brim of his nose Welker rubbed there momentarily before saying, “Cody I’m in mind to scratch this thing before it really takes off. " Cody Ramirez’s palms went clammy. Sweat droplets formed across his forehead despite the cool temperature in the room. He spent six years of his life investing and researching for this ship and had called in favors owed, sacrificed his personal life, and put his career on the line to get C.H.C's blessing. To hear Welker talk about scratching the project struck Cody as nothing short of an absolute terror that he would not accept.
“Admiral, you can't do that."
“Wrong Cody.These five platinum stars say and Admiral Banbridges’s personal approval I run the show with this. " Welker stated, pointing to his shoulder bar. Cody sensed the Admiral was not coming off arrogant by any means-- he was simply stating a fact. Due to his many accomplishments and victories over the Kilrathi he didn't doubt that Welker could do almost anything he wished. Despite the fact of Welker's prowness as a tactician and commander, the Kilrathi were winning one brutal victory after another, which was a testament to their lust for battle only sharpened by their killer feline instincts.
“Sir, we've already begun the inner frame work and cargo ships are already starting to arrive with construction materials." Cody explained.
Welker shrugged as if it did not matter. “Look son, the price tag on this thing is by far the most Confed has spent on any Capital ship within the past 50 years. We could get seven badly needed destroyers four frigates, and a number of assault transports built and ready for operation at half the cost and in less time." Welker countered.
“To what end sir?" Welker gave him a brash and confused look. “Admiral, we don't need more ships to offset theirs."
Sitting back in his chair Welker folded his hands and waited for Cody to continue.
“At almost every engagement we either come away with a defeat or a stalemate at best sir. It's not enough. We need a ship, a rallying emblem of the Confederation that will spark moral and hope in our troops, while packing a punch that will put the fear of GOD into those Kilrathi bastards. This is that ship sir."
"I don't like the idea of putting all of Confed's eggs in one basket ,Cody. And that's exactly what you’re asking me to do. "
" This is the only basket that won't break sir." Ramirez countered.
Exhaling, Welker rose from his seat and walked to the solar windows staring out to the dock yard with his hands clasped behind his back. Watching the bright arc's flashes made by the hundreds of weld bots he stood silently in thought.
“Cody, how you sold Confederation High Command on this is beyond me." he said after a moment. “Don’t get me wrong son, you’re one hell of a research and design engineer." he continued, turning to face Ramirez.
“Your record speaks for itself no doubt son. Did outstanding work on modifying the hornet's proton cooling system and improving gravity boots for Confed's shock troopers. I know you played a big part in the redesigning of our fleet's Raptor class attack fighters. But hell Cody this is just too much."
Cody knew he had to play hard ball with the admiral but wasn't sure what his next move was. Welker was a practical man and if he thought that Confed's newest carrier not even off the construction dock wasn't in Confed's best interest then he could kill it with one word. Despite knowing this Cody needed to show certainty and strength in front of Welker if he wanted to gain any ground.

“Admiral, why build ships that do nothing to give us an advantage? What's the point of our fleet if we can't gain the offensive? Last time i checked it's been a long while since we launched a campaign at getting into Kilrathi space. For the most part it's been defense, defense, and more defense." Cody stated. Welker spun staring straight at Ramirez an annoyance in his visage. a lump of uncertainty formed in Cody's Throat, but held the Admiral's stare.
“What are you implying, son?" Welker prompted almost suspiciously.
“What I'm saying sir is the Kilrathi have been pushing and we need to push back if were to get ahead in the war sir, now. Our backs are against the wall here as you said. This carrier with my weapon design will be the turning point that put those bastards back on the run."
“That’s another thing I'm uncertain about Cody. We’re building the most expensive, time consuming carrier ever and a huge part of our efforts will be going to the construction of your particle weapon system. A system that has never been successfully gotten past the theory and design stage. “Welker stated, returning to his seat.
” Here's what I see happening here. We build the damn thing putting in thousands of man hours plus billions in credits, get this ship up and running, test this particle energy weapon design you came up with and BOOM! Blow the ship up with all hands aboard. Now where would that leave us? Cody, particle beam energy has always ended up costing Confed lives’ and money and I hate to say it but it's been tried over and over by people smarter and more experienced than you.”
“Correct sir, but we have something they didn't." Cody countered.
“And what's that?” Welker asked.
Pulling a small holo-chip from his chest pocket Ramirez inserted it into the table console. Two blood red holo crystals appeared hovering over the table console with a small stream of data to the side.
“Ah yes! your giant sugar canes." Welker exclaimed sarcastically.
“Sir we first discovered these in the Brim-"
" I've already read the reports on them Cody and know pretty much everything you do about them, which is little to nothing." Welker interrupted.
“I’m convinced these crystals are what we need and will bridge the gap between particle energy theory and actual application sir.” Cody stated.
Welker sat back staring at the hovering images deep in thought. “Have you been able to take a sample of them?” he asked after a moment. A slight frown appeared on Cody's face.
“We have made minor progress; every attempt from nuclear drilling to intense sonic distilment has only rewarded us with the tiniest fracture-- it's enough for a start, sir. It's been an extensive process," Cody confessed.
Welker exhaled, shaking his head in clear disappointment. “And you want to use these things to build a non-proven energy weapon.”He stated.
“I personally think it's a good sign, sir." Cody replied. “How so?” Welker asked. “The fact that we can we can barely get a sample tells me that whatever these crystals are made of a material strong enough to channel the particle atoms and ions into them without going Boom as you said sir. "
“ Ok granted Cody, but with that said you don't really know what will happen once we start juicing these things. And I know your team racked up a nice bill for C.H.C to pick up just to get that tiny sample. Imagine what the cost will be when your actually start making way for testing, but aside from that all you really have is numbers, and no real proof. “Welker challenged.
” Correct sir, just like every other researcher who has tried before me to weaponize particle energy. Your right, all i have is numbers, but numbers don't lie admiral." Cody replied.
“Then why is it that this has never worked before son?” Welker probed.
“Two things sir. First Confed had never had anything remotely anything close to the compounds found in these crystals, so experimentation wasn’t possible.”
”Experimentation still won't be possible, if we can’t keep the bill paid to understand of what were experimenting with.”, the Admiral interjected.
”Yes sir, conducting trial and error research is going to be exhaustively expensive but worth it in the end." Cody assured.
“And the second?" Steeling with Admiral with a firm and serious look as he had ever made Cody replied, “Me. I’m not bragging Admiral but it’s a fact I’m at the top of the field in this area of research. I don’t say that with arrogance sir, just simply stating the truth that has been proven over and over again. "
Giving Cody a slight nod of approval, Welker studied the crystals for a moment before saying, “This is a gamble son nothing more. I don't like rolling the dice unless four out of six sides have a good outcome. I'm barely seeing three here." Cody held his breath waiting for Welker to continue. “Our backs are against the wall harder than you realize. Those cat's out produce us in combat ships, troops, offensive assault, and combat tactics across the board. They control more systems and have continually stepped up the pressure on our front line systems. Your right about one thing son. We need to take the offensive if we're to have any hope of winning this war let alone surviving it. Yet I still fail to see how one carrier no matter how advanced will do that. “
“Admiral--", Cody began.
Welker held up a hand cutting him short.
“You convinced Confederation High Command of these so I won't make any waves on it. C.H.C counsel would crap kittens if I did and I've got to other things on my plate at the moment that need my attention, though I still don't like the idea of it, nor the overwhelming cost of this. As you said numbers don't lie and I'm seeing a huge bill here that will damn near break our piggy bank. “At Welker's announcement Cody heard himself let loose a heavy exhale.
“Thank you sir."
“Don’t thank me yet Cody, I'm fixing to make some changes and you probably won't like them.” Welker continued. “As of this moment I'm moving you to lead project manager over this carrier. You'll be transferred to my department and will oversee every nut, bolt nano-steel beam and operational system of this carrier.
“A sudden dizziness suddenly overtook him, almost as if he'd been hit by a left hook.
” Sir, I'm not a project manager, I have no idea how to coordinate something like this." He protested.
“You baked the cake on this deal, Cody and now your going to spread the icing. If your as good as the facts state then this won’t be anything you can’t handle.”

” Or do I get my destroyers and frigates after all?“Welker asked pointedly.
“Understood sir.” Cody replied defeated.
“Good, and relax son you will have my best working with you they may find a way to cut a few corners on cost
“You’ll have three years Cody to get this beast running and combat ready.”
"Admiral, that’s not possible!" Cody protested earnestly. Welker gave Cody a look that words need not convey.
“Three years, yes sir. “He said dowerly, taking an uppercut to the jaw. Welker nodded in satisfaction.
“Good, I'm putting Alpha 1 level security clearance on this Cody. There's no way we can hide a new ship coming online in the heart of Sol system so I'm not even going to try. However maybe it will take wondering eyes off other projects we have going on in the dock yards. “Welker mused.
"Other project's sir?" Cody echoed.
“Never mind Cody, your task is this carrier nothing more.”
Both knew of the {LEAK} problem that had plagued Confed throughout the war. Freelance data thieves were renowned to hijack data of both Confed and Kilrathi information and sell it to the other, playing one off the other. Initially a bidding war between the two had flared over stolen info. Due to the results of victories and resource systems taken in battle by the Kilrathi Empire, the Confederation had fallen behind in its ability to pay would be hacker’s prices for stolen Kilrathi intelligence. In an effort to que the data thieves’ Confed had launched several military operations to exterminate the data thieves’ hub’s but made out with little success. It was well assumed that spies were everywhere in ConFed ranks. To make matters worse Confed had ended up strengthening what would be a business relationship between the data- pirates and their Kilrathi agents- a relationship the cats did not mind at all.
“Also I want you to start screening a crew for the carrier. Pilots, techs, maintenance, operations staff, the works. Pick those with exploratory records. I want the best pulled and assigned here. I don't care where you get them from. I will personally review your selections and make the transfers. If this ship is as good as you make it out then, it'll need the best we have. “Welker said.
Cody felt overwhelmed at everything Welker was stockpiling on his plate, as if it were not overloaded enough. Yet to those whom much is given much is expected in return, so he thought. He'd spent almost his whole career in Confed's R&D department as research engineer he had no idea on how he was going to oversee any of this let alone where to begin.
Nodding in understanding he asked, " Is there anything else sir?” Looking him over Cody could only guess at the admiral was thinking.
Standing he fired off a salute before turning and heading to the door.
“Ramirez." he heard Welker call.
“ Confed is putting a lot on the line with this Cody, I have a feeling that this will make or break FleetCom in the war. I hope you know what your doing.." Welker offered. “Thank you admiral, so do I. “he replied.
Welker watched him exit through the hatchway doors. “Computer,” Welker said when the doors had hissed closed, “Execute."


TNN ( Terrean News Network)
As disputes in the Gemini Sector continue to grow between Confederation Mineral Administration and the resource rich world’s in Riley system, pirate activity is on the rise. Five confirmed cargo freighters have been hijacked with their disappearance unsolved, all hands are presumed dead. Violent attacks have risen as well, totaling seven strikes on refinery and processing plants with rogue bandits making off with resources estimated at over three hundred million in credits. Riley defense forces and patrols have been stalled in locating the pirate’s base of operations and are calling for Confederation backing to assist in location and immediate destruction of their home front. Confed officials replied they will send an investigation force to determine the authenticity of the allegations, but no military forces will be shifted from front line patrols at this time. Prime Minister Spaulding is demanding immediate action from FleetCom military staff. Riley system holds nine resource rich planets and is a cornerstone of confederation mining operations. As the pirates grow bolder Spaulding may have no choice but to play the waiting game as almost all of Confed forces are tied up against the Kilrathi in the war effort.

Twin's Star System

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“Break right! Break right dammit! , I've got tone! “Wildcat screamed into his comm set.
Sweating Knight cursed while pulling his Raptor into a vicious hard right. Fusion fire from the pursuing Krant chewed into his fighter igniting warning lights throughout his cockpit. Without warning a bright white light overtook his cockpit followed by several large shock waves that threatened to shake his fighter apart.
“BOOM! No more kitty whoo hoo!!!" he heard his wing man yell excitedly. Knight swore under his breath about new pilot's or pleebs as they were commonly called among the more experienced pilots who were lucky enough to survive the harsh front line encounters against the cat's out along the front.
“Dammit! You almost took me with him!." Knight shouted. “Sorry boss, just got a little trigger happy." Wildcat replied excitement still in his voice.
“Where to next? The huntin’s good right now." his wing mate asked eagerly.
Before he could reply a distress blared to life over his com set. “Mayday all T.C.S ships repeat all T.C.S ships Jalathi bombers on direct line for Phobias.
Priority one engage the bombers and break off their run! “came the order. " You heard em boss! Let's take it to em! “Wildcat exclaimed.
” Wildcat wait!" Knight began, only to have a barrage of cannon fire hammer into his Raptor followed by the angry wail of a missile lock. Sparks and a small fire erupted inside his cockpit burning out several systems including his comset. Pulling up and kicking his afterburners Knight activated the filtration system while transferring power from weapons to engines. As his Raptor surged ahead the wail of the missile lock fell silent though he took another volley of fusion fire from his nemising pursuer. Gritting his teeth Knight punched his afterburners to full and activated a friend or foe missile. Keeping a straight course he caught sight of cannon fire shooting past on both sides of his ship. Without warning Knight cut all power to engines while putting his Raptor into a vertical one eighty spin. The pursuing Krant raced into view as Knight fired his surprise on the unsuspecting Kilrathi. At such close range there was little the Kilrathi could do to avoid the deadly projectile. The krant went up in shower of debris that banged and crashed into Knight's prone Raptor. “Gotcha." Knight exclaimed. With no time to spare he redirected power back to engines and headed off in the direction of his eager co-pilot. Bringing his Raptor into a high turn Knight's gaze fell on a site that did little to easy his fears. Phobias loomed into view it's turrets alive in a blaze of firefighting, valiantly against three harassing kamchaka class corvettes. Even from this distance he could make out that Phobias wasn't making out well. The corvettes had the carrier locked in from all three sides with their turret’s activating giving a brutal beating to the carrier's armaments. Just then a bright light went up from the carrier and he saw a small section of his home for the last three years disappear and a small forest of debris begin to spread away from the carrier.
“Mayday all T.C.S fighter's! Mayday! Phobias under attack, repeat Phobias under attack get those bastards off us!" his comset demanded.
Surprised the communication came through Knight opened his comset. Before he could say anything, a harsh static barrage painfully assaulted his ears. Shutting down his comset he swore words only known to sailors. His hopes brightened some as he saw a series of small projectiles launch from Phobias inching their way to one of the smaller corvettes. Eyes wide in satisfaction a fierce grin appeared on his face as small explosions appeared all over the corvette followed by a larger explosion in the center that broke the corvette in two.
As the capital ship broke away into deep space a sense of intense satisfaction filled Knight's veins knowing that all hands aboard wouldn't survive. Just then a badly damaged hornet flew into view followed by a pair of krant's in hot pursuit. Before Knight could engage an imperial missile launched from one krant streaked towards the doomed hornet. Catching sight of a small figure ejecting Knight watched the missile explode into the hornet taking it up in a ball of flame temporarily blinding him before being snuffed out by space’s cold vacuum. He knew that the ensuing shock wave would rip the ejected pilot apart leaving him no chance at being rescued. As his vision returned the only remains he could see were scattered debris of the hornet. Without warning a barrage of fusion fire tore into his fighter. A flush of frustration pulsed in his blood at Wildcat's abandonment. Instantly he cut engine power causing a Krant to over shoot him. As the harassing Krant loomed into view directly ahead Knight didn't wait for a missile lock instead using his own visual line of sight to target the Kilrathi. Missile away he went vertical powering his engines while hitting his afterburners putting distance between him and the Kilrathi fighter. A bright flash soon erupted signifying the enemy Krant was no more. For him it was a sight that did little to lift his spirits.
How the hell had the cats caught them with hardly any warning was beyond his understanding. For almost the entire week Phobias patrols had little to report on returning patrols. FleetCom Intel had no information on a Kilrathi base in this system nor carrier activity. No incoming warning had been sounded or incoming jump transmission had been detected yet three Kilrathi corvette’s and several dozen fighters had magically appeared out of nowhere. He couldn’t make sense of it. It had been pure luck that several of Phoebe’s patrols had been on return when the Kilrathi had attacked. They alone had been able to fend off the ferocious opening assault that would have ended Phobias and all hands aboard. Their sacrifice had bought Knight and other core pilots the precious moments needed to suit up and launch out to continue the fight.
A fight that to Knight looked like they were losing.
Veering away he caught sight of three Jalthi bombers packed tightly together making a torpedo run. “My turn now.“he growled. As the bombers crept closer Knight swept in unknowingly behind them. He turned off missile tracking, again deciding to use line of sight. A nasty grin appeared on his face as he gave a quick tap to his afterburners and firing a missile. The missile struck true taking one bomber up in huge white haze. Spreading the haze encompassed a second bomber proving too much with it to destroyed. Luck however wasn’t totally with Knight as the last bomber got off a torpedo. Before the torpedo had cleared the bomber however, a bright stream of proton fire caught the torpedo causing it to go up in a destructive flash taking the last bomber with it. Squinting and turning his head away Knight had to quickly veer his fighter away as well, or be consumed in the blast.
As the flash faded he caught sight of a lone hornet racing past. Nodding his head “Now that’s how you do it.” he said appreciatively. ““Say hoss where you at? I need help pronto. “ Wildcat’s voice crackled through weakly. Given Wildcat’s impulsiveness and fly by the whim of it, Knight didn’t doubt that in the least.
* * * * *




Second Fang Rral’Mek Kitar watched in pleasure as his krant’s fusion fire blew apart the monkey ape’s puny and pathetic fighter. Long range scouts had detected the presence of a terran carrier in this system but until recently, efforts to track its location had failed. It had been luck that the monkey capital ship had passed too close to an asteroid field tripping off Kilrathi hidden sensors that had pinged the ship’s location. His superiors had decided a lone carrier without escort was too rich a target to pass up. It was the perfect opportunity to test the empire’s newest weapon against the hairless apes. Whispers of some new experimental transdrive gate system had been developed by one of the major ruling clans were rumored within certain circles in the empire but specifics had been impossible to pin down. Rral’Mek hardly cared either way. All that mattered in his eye’s was the death of the cowardly terreans and their pathetic fleets at his claws.
Blood would spill their blood.
For the past several months he had been on patrol detail for one of Ru’Karr’s com’s listening posts hidden deep within an asteroid field. The boring routine patrols soon became apparent thus increasing is ever present longing for combat . It was a much welcome change when one of his houses Shintahr’s had given him an escort assignment and made him personally in charge over the assault Krant’s. Several squadrons of fighter/bombers a Ralari destroyer and three Kamchaka corvettes’ had been launched at once from an unknown location on an intercept course. Rral’Mek had no idea where the assault forces had came from. But he knew that no imperial forces were within a three system range. His intuition told him the empire had indeed built some type of new jump gate. It was the only rational reason that could explain how the assault force had popped in system. All but the destroyer which suffered an engine meltdown had made it, and undetected right into the unsuspecting lap of the human monkeys. He knew that if only the destroyer had made it the battle would have been long over. A weak race, with no sense of honor or pride in themselves Rral’Mek thought to himself. Not worthy of life or even existence as a slave race in the empire to be sure. They were nothing but prey. His race were hunters, predators, acting in their GOD given right to rule the stars as they saw fit. However his superiors would be pleased. As squadron leader of the interceptors sent to provide support for the bombers, honor and glory was his. An image of his pride mate appeared on his display screen stealing him from his thoughts.
“Honored warrior, the Jalathi bombers are taking heavy losses and the furless apes have destroyed one of our kamkcha corvettes.” A low rumbled growl escaped Rral’Meks throat. These humans have proved lucky more often than not of late, Rral’Mek thought. Knowing that there were too few of his fighters to cover the bombers and keep the ape fighters off the corvettes which were already under fire from the human carrier. Yet if the bombers were destroyed then it would be highly unlikely that the corvettes would have the firepower to finish off the ape carrier. If only the destroyer had made the jump, then this conflict would be finished, he growled to himself, cursing bad fortune.
“Inform the Kamkcha captains I am pulling our fighter cover to protect the bombers.” He ordered. “But warrior if you pull the cover from the corvettes they will be exposed to ape fighters and will not survive. “, his clan mate protested. “If they die it will be due to their own stupidity of being drawn in so close to the terran carrier and not to our strategy of battle. The captains were foolhardy and arrogant to come so close, knowing we were not at our full strength. Their fate is by their own doing.” he replied. “Honored warrior if we—““Carrier out your orders, or I shall drink your pathetic blood from the bones of your ancestors. “Rral’Mek growled “Yes honored warrior by your command.“, his clan mate submitted.
Switching off his screen Rral’Mek knew the battle was far from over and that more losses where to be paid by his warriors before the fall of the human carrier. Still a victory, but a more costly one to be sure. So be it, he thought, such prices where to pay in war. And the spoils went to the victor did they not?
Putting his Krant in low run Rral’Mek’s sensors picked up a pair of Jalthi bombers close by, trimming the asteroid belt looking to sneak close enough for a torpedo run without drawing any unwanted attention. Slowing his fighter as not to overshoot the bombers Rral’Mek kept a fair distance back scanning for any approaching fighters that might intercept the bombers. After a moment both bombers gave a slight touch to their afterburners while launching a heavy torpedo towards the damaged carrier. No sooner had the torpedoes made good their launch a missile followed closely by a barrage of proton fire slammed into one bomber taking it apart at the mid-section.
“Purr C’hat Rost!” Rral’Mek swore seeing an undetected Raptor and Hornet emerge from the asteroid field. Startled the second bomber punched it’s after burners not paying attention to where it was going while banking into a high climb. The unfortunate Kilrathi didn’t see a huge asteroid rock hurling directly in its path. A large BOOM and a shower of sparks put a quick end to the Kilrathi bomber. Powering engines Rral’Mek chased after the Hornet and Raptor while silently reminding himself to be careful so close to the giant rocks or he too could share the same fate as the foolish bomber. Opening communications Rral’Mek hailed his clan mate.
“Yes honored warrior?” came the reply.
“Form on my wing and provide cover.”
“As you command my warrior.” His clan mate replied knowing better to question Rral’Mek a second time. Closing the distance Rral’Mek wasted no time firing an imperial missile which struck home destroying the hornet. The remaining Raptor went vertical heading to its home carrier and the safety of its turret batteries. With Fusion cells powered at full Rral’Mek unleashed a heavy stream of fire at the fleeing Raptor. Teeth gritted in satisfaction he watched as fusion fire tore into the Raptors shields, eating away the armor and damaging critical systems. Veering away the Raptor opted for a more clustered escape heading back towards the asteroid field. As Rral’Mek went to follow suit two huge explosions drew his attention towards the damaged terran carrier. Adrenaline coursed through his body watching a huge section of the monkey capital ship break away and off into deep space. Debris and wreckage floated everywhere from where the torpedo struck true, telling Rral’Mek that this human carrier was on its last leg. Not more than a second later a several missiles followed by a barrage of turret fire shot towards one of the harassing corvette’s. Blanketing the small ship it was too overpowering chewing into its armor. The Kilrathi ship went up in a ball of fire next to the human carrier adding more debris and wreckage. Pulling away Rral’Mek had no time to consider the effect of the loss of another corvette in the battle if he were to crush the annoying monkey fighter trying to make good its escape. Maxing engines to full Rral’Mek activated missile tracking looking to put a quick end to the Raptor. Entering the asteroid field the Raptor began executing erratic movements trying to confuse Rral’Mek and force him into a lapse of judgement that might cost him his life. Reflexes on edge at having to navigate through the deadly rocks, Rral’Mek felt a twinge of respect for the human fighter, knowing that at this speed the slightest error would have deadly consequences for both.
With little room for error, Rral’Mek began firing at and around the fleeing Raptor. Hailing his clanmate on his com channel Rral’Mek ordered, “Shoot those rocks the ape man draws near, perhaps the breakage of one will crash its way into our prey.”
“Yes honored warrior.” his clan mate responded.
As fusion fire from both Krants tore into the rocks around the escaping Raptor Rral’Mek knew his prey was cornered. With his clan mate hammering away at the smaller rocks Rral’Mek switched to missile tracking looking to end the game. Surprised he lucky gained a lock with the digital icon going red through the heavy asteroid debris.
I have Sivars favor this day, he told himself.“Your life ends, human.” Rral’Mek growled firing. Suddenly proton fire blazed in followed by a missile both of which struck his clan mate’s Krant taking off a wing and putting the ship into a deadly spin. Spinning his clan mate’s ship rammed into a large asteroid pummeling the ship into nothing. Rral’Mek’s scanners picked up a pursuing Raptor behind him dodging the asteroids just as they were and making good on a surprise attack in an attempt to save its fleeing comrade. As if sensing event’s had changed the fleeing Raptor did a quick one eighty flip, (a tactic Rral’Mek learned human fighter pilots loved to employ), punched after burners and was racing straight towards him with proton cannons blazing. So be it he told himself if this was his death, it was to be a death fighting to bring glory to Sivar and honor to his house. Putting engines to full Rral’Mek threw an unending volley of fire at the oncoming Raptor, and while doing damage, his ship was on the receiving end as well. Proton and Ion fire ramming into his fighter Rral’Mek had little room to evade due to the dense cluster of asteroids. Gritting his fangs he fired volley after volley while unloading his Krants complement of missiles at the approaching fighter, determined his death would be one of honor. Systems wailed with critical damage and smoking battered circuitry all throughout the cockpit screamed as he pushed the Kant’s engines as hard as they would go. He intended to plow into his oncoming prey taking the cowardly human with him. Suddenly his eye caught sight of a missile veer off course zigging and zagging from its intended target shooting instead into a fair sized asteroid. Slamming hard into the rock the missile detonated shattering the immense bolder apart.
A dozen fair sized boulders hurled towards Rral’Meks Krant at deadly speeds. Seeing the Raptor jerk into an upward climb Rral’Mek followed suit, only to have a chunk of rock slam into his fighter putting it into an uncontrollable spin. Roaring against his Krant’s stubbornness to regain control, collision wails began bellowing throughout his cockpit.
This was not his intended death he knew. His was to be the death of a warrior. A predator’s death. Not a human’s death.
Reacting on instinct, he pulled his ejection level centered beneath him. Instantly his blast shield slammed down over his face, blinding him from the constant red flash of impending death. With his canopy rocketing off him felt the blast of his seat hurling him into space. He had no control over the rapid twisting and spinning that zero gravity provided and could only hope he didn’t get flattened by a high speed asteroid or worse yet be caught in the explosion of his fighter. No sooner had the thought occurred Rral’Mek felt his entire suit go from a comfortable chill to an intense heat so great he began panting in an effort to stay cool. As the intense heat faded back into a cold chill, his entire body was suddenly hammered painfully by a swarm of debris. Heart racing he felt something large and heavy crash into his blast shield so hard it left a large crack across the plate. Several other large pieces stabbed painfully into his body so hard he began to worry that he had a breach in his suit.
His worries proved true when he heard a slight hissing sound coming from somewhere inside indicating he was indeed leaking precious oxygen. He gave a silent prayer to Sivar that his squadron would pick up his ejection signal and even now where organizing to retrieve him back to his fellow warriors before his oxygen ran out. He was after all Second Fang being in command of fighter cover operations and came from a strong bloodline that was important in his house. Ru’ Karr could not afford to lose warriors at the mere chance of misfortune. It was not tainted like the more common Char’Risst or half-breed blood commonly found in the lower house of the empire and of little influence or power in the empire. As his consciousness began to fade Rral'Mek found his memory slipping back into his youth, an era that as a cub he had tried very hard to forget.

* * * *
Knight saw Wildcat's situation and it wasn't good by far. The two pursuing Krant’s had his wingman in a bind. With afterburners at full Knight was pushing his Raptor and his reflexes to the edge within the asteroid field trying to stay alive and save his rookie at the same time. With one Krant opening up fire at Wildcat he had no time to waste. At confirmation of a missile lock and sent in his own volley of proton fire followed closely by his missile at one of the Krants. Luck was with him as the proton fire hammering home and his missile to put an end to one threat. With a wing breaking off the Krant went into an unrecoverable spin before hitting a large floating rock. The ensuing explosion broke the rock apart and sent deadly pieces flying in all different directions including towards Knight. Quick thinking he banked a vicious left while firing his cannons hoping to pave a pathway to safety.
“Hell ya! Nice shootin hoss, let's flip the script on these kitties!” WildCat's voice broke through his comsystem. Knowing it was pointless to reply Knight focused on clearing some of the smaller asteroids. Turning the bank into a loop Knight brought his Raptor back around almost too its exact position. Due to the dense asteroids it was near impossible for his scanners to pick up the remaining Krant. Peering into the rocky void he made out the Krant a fair distance off, heading straight for WildCat, who had done a flip one eighty.
He got an uneasy feeling in his gut as he made out both fighters going head to head in a massive fire exchange. With his Raptor closing it was all he could do to maneuver through the clustered rocks to get a target lock on the remaining Krant. His missile icon came alive and began homing for a lock on the Krant. “Almost there.” he heard himself say. Then without warning a missile that was streaking Wildcat’s way veered off course smashing into an asteroid breaking it apart. As clusters of debris spread Knight watched as both ships pulled vertical in an attempt to avoid being pummeled.
"Eject Wildcat! Eject!" he screamed into his com seeing the deadly event unfold.
The Krant being the quicker of the two climbed higher only to have WildCat's Raptor crash into it blowing both fighters apart in a destructive haze. "No!" he screamed. Tears on the rise he slammed a gloved fist into his console screen several times before it began to crack. For Knight this made seven pilots under his wing he'd lost. Seven rookie pilots in four months that he felt their blood was on his hands. It would be another death letter to a mother and father he'd never see nor meet. To Knight it was another layer of his spirit and confidence that had been peeled away by the Kilrathi.
Apologies for any grammar or story errors. I'm still in the process of finishing the story. Total word count is around 61 thousand and some change. It is my hope to have the entire story finally finished 3 to 4 months. I hope this piece is enjoyable. I would appreciate any suggestions or corrects with the flow of the story if anyone has any ideas. Thank you.
Hi Philip,
Have I seen an attempt to write a story of yours in the past? or am I wrong?

Anyhow, I will read your story and comeback with comments.
I always like the fact that there are elite few Wing Nuts out there that still express themselves by writing stories.

A word of advice for starts.
A text area (box) in a forum is not the most enjoyable way for a reader to read a story because it is not created for that reason on the first hand.
For a couple of months now, I use for my own writings this super cool tool...

It will help you write your story much faster, without having the headache of prettifying your text and you could only attach the markdown file with your story on this forum and make the lives of us readers, easier. :)

Good Luck and Enjoy!
Hello MasLas. Good to hear from you. Yes that was me you spoke with about the story before. I ran into some personal snags that set me back some. But still been pushing forward and making ground. Thanks for taking time to read this segment. I'll look into the form chchanging This piece is just a intro and while has been edited in my word version needs a few more combing session to smooth out a few wrinkles.
Didnt know that. Its been a while since I've been on cic. Thanks. :)
I actually kinda felt bad about pointing it out, because it seemed very nitpicky… but then again, I really don't like how few posts the fanfic forum gets, so your contribution helps there ;).
I actually kinda felt bad about pointing it out, because it seemed very nitpicky… but then again, I really don't like how few posts the fanfic forum gets, so your contribution helps there ;).
Happy to pitch in. Just wish there was more space in the form where i could up load a bigger verson thats already been edited and revised somewhat to give readers an easier time with it.
If you have it formatted in something like a Word Document, there's services like Dropbox that host the file and let you post a public link