Wing Commander Rebellion - Chapter Three


Well, it's been a while (over six months actually) but I finally got around to adding some more to Rebellion.
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Chapter One
Cahpter Two


Chapter Three

Into Jericho

2120 CST

The Avalon System was everything that late twentieth century scientists and astronomers could have ever dreamed of and more. Not only did it have two of the most Earth like planets ever found thanks to their near identical orbit lengths, which in itself was an almost unheard of occurrence, it also had one terraformed planet,
Three habitable planets in one system resulted in Avalon having the largest population outside the Sol System and predictions indicated that by the end of the next century, at the current rate of birth, the population would exceed Sol by nearly thirty percent. There were also three other planets in the System that while uninhabitable due to their extreme orbits, were the source of abundant quantities of almost ever metal, precious or otherwise, known to mankind.
All told, Avalon was probably the richest system in the Confederation...or it was until it seceded.
The reason for the secession, or at least what everything boiled down to, was simple economics. Those who governed the system, and indeed sector, saw no reason why they should allow themselves to taxed, supply labour and raw materials or in any other way be accountable to a central government over one hundred and fifty light years distant, especially when they had no need to. Avalon itself, had over the past century, become completely self sufficient, requiring no outside help. Also, because of its position as the Capital System of an entire Sector it had its own bureaucracy, which was easily sufficient to run a government.
The system had its own Planetary Defence Force numbering close to seventy thousand, plus Security and Police forces that totalled three times that. These numbers did not even include the other systems that had also seceded.
The jewel in the crown however was the fact that an entire Carrier Group had sided with their cause. That was something that would not have been possible even ten years earlier, which was when the independence movements first began to gather momentum. It had not been until two years after that, that someone came up with the perfect solution to the problem of Confederation intervention if any kind of independence move was to take place.
A member of the psychology division in the Confederation Navy, who was both an Avalon citizen and a member of one of the pro-independence movements; the latter which was something he kept quiet for obvious reasons, managed to convince several top level admirals to try a theory he proposed.
The theory itself was literally something he came up with over night after reading several old papers on similar subjects. He had no idea if the theory would work and in fact did not really care, but he knew that if over a dozen modern ships were all crewed by Avalon nationals, then secession would be that much easier.
At the time of his proposal, the only ships truly loyal to Avalon itself were the few outdated frigates and destroyers that made up the customs fleet, which worked along the Avalon-Gemini Trade route.
Rear Admiral Mahavier, who even though was a pro-independence supporter, was unaware of the real reason behind the proposal and volunteered for the position as commander of the new Carrier Group. And so months of manoeuvring resulted in fourteen ships crewed almost exclusively by Avalons.
The TCS Confederation however was a fluke. Most of the command staff were Avalon nationals, but nearly all the crew were not. Transfers and promotions, whether needed or not, changed that over five years, until a second carrier was loyal to Avalon.
When news that the secession had happened, that carrier managed to lose its escorts during a training exercise in Alexandria and made its way quickly to the Perseus System and from there to Avalon.
It was in Avalon that both the Lexington and Confederation, which was unsurprisingly renamed and now bore the title AFS Federation, were sitting in high orbit of main planet, New Colchester. Surrounding both carriers were several dozen support craft ranging from the escort cruisers and destroyers to supply transports and cargo haulers. However even the Supercarriers were dwarfed by the massive shadow of New Colchester's recently completed Superbase.
Onboard Avalon Station Captain Morgan McConnell, the current commanding officer of the Federation, stood at the far side of one of the empty wardrooms next to Mahavier. McConnell was a good head taller than the Admiral, and his uniform was, if possible, even more immaculate.
Both officers wore the new uniforms of what was for the moment called the Federate Navy. The only difference between the two was that the dark blue uniform tunic that Mahavier wore was trimmed with gold around the cuffs and breast edge where it overlapped on his right. On the same side was the symbol chosen to represent the Avalon Federation, a diamond within a diamond and below that was the rank insignia.
Other than the Admiral and Captain the room was empty, which for the moment was a good thing considering the news McConnell had just delivered.
"I'll skin him alive." Mahavier hissed between clenched teeth after hearing the report on the engagement between the TCS Yamato and AFS Eagle in Jericho. "What the hell was Bryce thinking. He knew to avoid any further engagements. This was going to be hard enough with the loss of the Horatio to account for, but now that Confed has lost a cruiser as well, they won't be so easily dissuaded."
"The damage the Eagle sustained also means that we will be short a Cruiser for at least seven days, probably longer." McConnell added, his own temper still in check. "Plus the only ships out past Britannia are four destroyers."
"Four destroyers will not hold out against what Confed is sending for long." Mahavier responded, only slightly calmer. "Have Captain Richards move his ship into New Atlantis with some of those converted transports. Pull the Constitution and Valiant back there as well. Also, send word to Commander Wood. He'll have to run as much interference as possible."
McConnell nodded his agreement just as the door at the far side of the room opened and four officers, all wearing the new Federation uniforms, entered. Mahavier indicated for them to sit as both he and McConnell took their own places.
The Admiral looked around the table at the assembled officers using the time to calm himself further. To his left was Brigadier General Robert Marin, the senior Space Force Commander of the Federate Fleet and the third highest-ranking officer present. Mahavier had once witnessed Marin reduce a junior officer to a shivering wreak with no more than a few choice words. Marin was also, in Mahavier's opinion, the largest pilot he had ever seen, rivalling McConnell in height.
Sat opposite the General was Captain Davina McCoy, the commanding officer of the Jutland, one of the three Plunkett II Class Cruisers under his command. Approaching forty, she had a lean figure that was well proportioned but muscular after years of training. Her auburn hair was tied back in a loose ponytail, which was not quite regulation length, by a silver clasp.
Beside her sat Captain Marcus Leon the commander of the lone Hades Class Strike Cruiser, Crazy Horse. His vessel had been added to the Carrier Group only three weeks prior to the succession and was the only problem encountered. Less than half the crew onboard had been Avalon Nationals making it necessary to deploy Marine contingents from the Lexington to ensure that there were no attempts to stop the ship from defecting with the rest of the Group. Due to that fact, many of the crew had to be removed, leaving the ship with only one third the needed compliment.
The final officer was seated opposite Captain Leon. General Sergei Kuprejanov was the commanding officer of the Marine Garrison on New Colchester and as such was in charge of all ground forces in the Avalon Federation of Systems. Because of the nature of modern warfare, General Kuprejanov, who was now equal in rank to Mahavier, had to defer to the Admiral during all military situations.
Kuprejanov was a massive man whose uniform seemed barely adequate to contain him, as did the chair he was now sat. He had a square face that seemed typical of all marines with dark skin that was almost black. All of that was offset by his quiet, calm voice that was a total opposite to his fierce reputation.
Mahavier waited until everyone at the table had settled before he began the meeting.
"General," he said turning to Marin. "Are the final evaluations for the Space Force ready?"
Marin nodded. "Yes sir. The final count, including those stationed on this base and on the planets, is six Attack Squadrons, four Bomber Squadrons and two Intercept Squadrons. Coupled with those on the Lexington and Con...excuse me, Federation, we have just under one thousand fighters in this system alone. In total I would estimate that we have four full Fighter Groups at our disposal, however seventy percent of those are of the older types, Excaliburs, Thunderbolts and Bearcats. There is even a wing of Rapiers."
Mahavier lifted his eyebrows at the last comment. "Well, I hope we do not end up in a position were we need those."
"Yes sir." Marin agreed.
"Captain Leon, how long until your ship is back up to full operational status?"
"If I can get hold of another twenty to thirty crewmen, I can be back up to full within a day sir." Leon responded.
"I'll authorise the transfers from the Lexington. I want you to leave for the New Atlantis System with the Repulse as soon as possible. It appears that the Eagle will be out of commission for several days and I want a show of force there when Confed comes knocking on the door."
"Aye sir." Leon answered.
"Sir, what about Babel?" Davina McCoy asked.
"Other than its customs post, it is uninhabited and therefore expendable." Mahavier replied simply. "The system was only claimed because it would act as a buffer between our systems and Confeds but without any heavy class ships in the system, we cannot hold it. New Atlantis however is another matter. Because it is inhabited we will fight to protect it, but I plan to draw their forces into Britannia where both the Lexington and Federation will be waiting. If done right, we will bloody their noses enough to force them to retreat all the way back to Jericho." Mahavier looked towards Kuprejanov. "General, what is the marine contingent in New Atlantis?"
The Marine cleared his throat. "The Seventeenth Light Infantry Battalion and the Third Armour Brigade are currently in that system. Both are under the command of Colonel Holbourgh. However it is my understanding that the Confed forces will only be carrying their standard Marine compliments, which numbers a single division."
"Confed will want to avoid a ground conflict as much as possible." McConnell interjected. "They will probably expect the Federation to capitulate once they have removed its naval presence."
"Most likely, yes." Mahavier replied. "However there is a chance that they may send in a larger contingent once they feel that they control a system."
Kuprejanov nodded in agreement. "I can have two Battalions of Infantry and another Armour Brigade in New Atlantis within three days."
"I'll leave that up to you. But if we succeed in Britannia they may not be needed."
The General grinned. "I would rather have a loaded gun and not need it than an empty gun and need it."
Mahavier returned the grin. "Agreed."
He then looked up as the door opened and a naval Lieutenant entered. The officer came around the table and saluted. "I am sorry for interrupting sir, but a message has just been received from the Perseus System."
He held out a data pad that Mahavier took before dismissing him. The Admiral read the pad carefully before looking back up at those around the table, a smirk evident on his lips.

1400 CST

Casey reached forward and deactivated the Autopilot. He had just returned from a three-hour patrol at the edge of the Midway's sensor sphere and the only encounter by his wing was a single ice rock, which was barely the size of his fighter.
Directly in front of him at a little over forty thousand klicks was the dark grey hull of the Midway floating majestically in the void. In formation with the Megacarrier were a pair of Murphy Class Destroyers that had not been present when he started the patrol. Flitting around the three ships were four wings of three fighter's each that composed the Midway's Combat Air Patrol. The usual CAP strength had been doubled following the engagement at the Callisto-Pyrennes Jump Point.
As Casey and his wing of three Vampires approached their base ship he toggled the comm settings to the Midway's Flight Control Frequency. "Midway this is Alpha-One, requesting landing clearance."
"Copy Alpha-One, alter your course to zero-seven-four mark three-three-nine. You are cleared for starboard hangar approach."
"Roger Midway." Casey responded as he manoeuvred his fighter onto the new course, taking him closer to the nearest Murphy, which was just off the Midways starboard aft.
As he approached, his comm activated displaying Maestros helmeted face. "Yo Case, check out the hull markings."
Casey looked over the destroyers' light grey hull before his eyes caught the area just behind the bridge. There, emblazoned in large black letters, was the registry DE 003 and the name TCS Jacob Manley.

2100 CST

There were a few moments of silence as Wilford, staring out one of the port side windows, watched the slowly spinning communications relay station in the heart of the Jericho System. Not including the two destroyers that had escorted the Midway into this area of the system, there were three other capital ships present, all of them cruisers. The TCS Illustrious, the lead ship in the Assault Group, the TCS Endurance to its starboard side and the TCS Hood to its port.
The Illustrious Assault Group was recently put together following the Trk'Pahn Sector Nephilim Encounter almost three months earlier. Its mission was to act as a rapid response force designed to enter and hold systems until a larger Battle or Carrier Group could arrive. This type of assault group strategy had not been used since the Kilrathi War, but had been under consideration following the first Nephilim encounter earlier in the year. However, until that point there had been little call for such a group. It was unfortunate that the first test of the Assault Group was to be an engagement with other Humans.
The Illustrious and her escorts had been in the Jericho System for nearly three days waiting for the Midway to arrive. In that time, they had already lost the Plunkett Class Cruiser TCS Yamato in a one on one engagement with the former TCS Eagle. The rest of that time had been spent sweeping the system for any other Avalon aligned ships and providing assistance to any vessels that had ran the Babel Blockade.
Wilford was interrupted from his thoughts when the hatch behind him opened.
"Excuse me sir, the Captains of the Illustrious, Endurance and Hood are here."
Wilford straightened his uniform as he turned. "Show them in Ensign."
The junior officer saluted and left the room, to be replaced by three new officers a moment later.
The first officer, Captain Benjamin Stephens, commander of the Illustrious, greeted Wilford with a smile. "Good to see you again Danny."
Wilford returned the grin. "Been a while Ben. How've you been?"
"Good, good. You?"
"Not to bad." Wilford replied. He and Stephens had served together in and around the Circe System during the Black Lance incident.
"This is Captain Armstrong of the Endurance and Captain Wallace of the Hood." Stephens introduced the two remaining officers.
"A pleasure. Welcome onboard gentlemen." Wilford answered. "Well we had better get this underway." The four Captains sat around the table of the briefing room.

0820 CST

Jericho was a binary star system with several small uninhabitable planetoids and little else. If it were not for the system being part of the Avalon-Gemini Trade Route, it probably would not have even gained a footnote in any astrological charts let alone a mention in the history books. However, this system would be the staging area for the retaking of the Avalon Sector, or more to the point, the systems in the Avalon Sector that had seceded.
Just over one hundred thousand kilometres from the Midway's position, a small three-ship wing of fighters was on patrol. One of the reasons they were there was to ensure that no remaining Avalon aligned ships were between the Jump Point and the Communication Relay Station, which would be the route that the Megacarrier would take to enter the Babel System. The second reason was for the three pilots to gain familiarity with the fighters they were flying.
The transport TCS Shanna had finally caught up with the Midway and delivered some new fighters, three wings of Advanced Tigershark Long-range Reconnaissance Scouts.
The F/A-105B was not, as the pilots of the Black Widow Squadron had originally thought, a Tigershark with some added modifications, but a virtually new fighter in what De'Cora described as a slightly used spaceframe.
The Tigershark 'B' was on par with the Piranha in manoeuvrability, but with a lot more speed and firepower. When it was designed the engineers stripped down a pair of Vampire engines and squeezed them into the lighter spaceframe giving the 'B' a top afterburner speed of sixteen hundred.
Its forward armament consisted of two Tachyons, two Mass Drivers and two Particle Cannons, which even though did not have a lot of range, made up for it by giving a powerful punch. The internal missile count of ten; four Artemis, four Heatseekers and two Trackers, was bolstered by the addition of four Darts II Dumbfires on external racks.
All in all, a fairly impressive scout ship.
"I have a question." Maestro spoke up after what had been an unusually long time of least for him.
"Go ahead." Zero responded.
"Okay, why are we in the Jericho System?"
Casey tried not to burst out laughing and after taking a moment to compose himself, he said. "Have you not been present at the meetings..." And then perfectly deadpan. "Okay, there is this little situation going on in Avalon and we have to take care of it..."
"Ha ha...very funny. I know why we are here, I just want to know why we are here?"
Casey looked over his shoulder at Maestro's fighter. "What?"
Maestro let out a sigh. "Why Jericho and not say Perseus...or even Avalon itself for that matter?"
"Oh." Casey responded and then under his helmet he looked confused for a second. "What?"
Zero laughed. "He means why aren't we going through Perseus to get to Avalon."
"Oh, right." Casey responded. "I don't know, maybe the brass thought this would be the easiest way."
Zero laughed again. "Nope, it's simpler than that."
"Well." Maestro prompted.
"The Jump Point in Perseus is to small. Simple."
"What?" Casey and Maestro said in unison.
"God, didn't you guys pay any attention during the astrophysics class at the academy?"
"Oh, I was paying attention...just not at the teacher." Maestro commented, grinning.
Casey grinned as well. "Lorna Daniels."
"Yup, Lorna Daniels." Maestro laughed.
"I don't even want to know." Zero sighed. "Anyway since you obviously had other things on your minds, I will explain to you basic Jump Point theory okay."
Both Casey and Maestro answered in unison again. "Okay."
"Right, jump points can only stay open for a finite amount of time and ships have only a finite amount of energy for use in making a jump point open. Now on a ship as big as the Midway, you need to get the right compromise between speed and power, too much or too little of either and...well it probably wouldn't be pretty. Anyway, the Perseus Jump Point, according to the scientists, is both very old and very weak, meaning it needs a lot of power to open. While the Midway has the power, it unfortunately doesn't have the speed. Hence, we are going through Jericho."
"So how did the Confederation get through then professor?" Maestro asked.
"The Confederation is smaller than the Midway. Mind you, saying that, I bet they need a new paintjob. Must have been a very tight squeeze."
"And the Avalon-Ubar Jump?" Casey asked.
"I surprised it's still on the charts, I doubt they could fit a Piranha through that one." Zero answered. "Which leaves Jericho as the only way for the Midway to approach Avalon and why this system is such an important trade route."
"Well, thank you for that insightful lesson." Maestro commented.
"You're welcome." Zero grinned in response.
A steady beeping sound started in Casey's cockpit interrupting them. "I've got a contact...dead ahead, eighty thousand klicks."
"Copy, looks like those transports we were told about." Zero replied.
According to the mission briefing prior to launch, they were to expect two transports, which had recently broken through the blockade of the Babel System, along their course. Two of the destroyers in the Illustrious Assault Group were supposed to be inspecting them before they reached the Relay Station.
"Looks like they're in a hurry." Maestro commented.
"Yeah." Casey answered. "Well, they haven't been inspected yet, so lets be careful."
Within a few minutes, the two transports came into visual range, both showing slight damage.
"This is Midway Alpha Wing Leader to TCS Macbride." Casey said into his mic.
After a moment of static, a reply came through. "We read you Alpha Wing, go ahead."
"What is your status Macbride?"
"Surface damage only Alpha Wing...we ran into a little trouble leaving Babel."
"Understood Macbride. Are there any other transports behind you?"
"Affirmative, we picked up another two Pelicans on long-range scans just prior to jump." There was a slight pause before the transport captain added. "It is possible that a destroyer class vessel was also close by."

0832 CST

The Combat Information Centre, located in the heart of the Midway, was as busy as usual. Several officers were going over the recent reports received from the ships in the Illustrious Assault Group and in the centre of the room, quietly watching a single tactical display, was the Commander Air Group.
Commander Drake had been in charge of the Squadrons onboard the Midway since the beginning. It was probably the only reason she had stayed in the Military.
Almost three years prior to this assignment, she had been a Major in the Confederation Space Forces flying a reconnaissance mission in the Cairo System near the border of Kilrathi Space. An ambush by pirates had destroyed the wing of five Excaliburs she commanded and badly crippled her own. The injuries she had sustained in that engagement grounded her indefinitely.
Once she had recovered, she considered resigning her commission until the offer of the position of CAG on the Midway came along.
"Sir, incoming burst-transmission from Alpha-One." A crewman at the communication station spoke up. "They report a possible contact with a Destroyer Class vessel near the Jump Point."
Drake looked over. "Get me the Captain. Have Bravo, Charlie and Zulu Wings placed on immediate standby."

0848 CST

"I see them...transmitting our co-ordinates back to the Midway." Casey replied as he hit the burst transmitter again. "Switch to full guns, we're going in."
"I knew you were going to say that." Zero commented.
Ahead of the three Advanced Tigersharks were three Pelican Class Transports, closely pursued by a single [/i]Murphy Class Destroyer[/i] and a mixture of at least twenty fighters and bombers.
"Are you sure about this Casey...that's a lot of fighters." Maestro asked.
"All we have to do is keep them busy long enough for help to arrive." Casey answered.
Then, cycling through the available targets, which consisted of Excaliburs, Thunderbolts and a trio of Shrikes, he pushed his fighters' afterburners to maximum and pulled slightly ahead of his two wingmen.
"Let's see if these guys can keep up."
Switching to Trackers Casey pressed down on the fire control and released a single missile that streaked ahead of his craft before splitting into four Friend or Foes. Immediately the four missiles found a target, and locking on they began their pursuit.
The targeted Thunderbolt began evasive manoeuvres, dropping several decoys, which only managed to knock one of the four out. The remaining three missiles slammed hard into the rear quarter of the fighter stripping off both shields and armour.
Casey dropped in neatly behind the crippled ship and fired full guns into its unprotected rear.
"Splash one." Casey shouted as he flew through the vaporised wreckage.
He quickly had to avoid a burst of Tachyon fire from a nearby Excalibur before nimbly reversing course and moving behind the attacking ship. With barely a thought he selected one of his four Dumbfires and launched it straight into the rear of the Excalibur.
The heavy rocket detonated on impact, tearing through the heavy fighter and leaving only a wreckage trail in its wake.
Casey spared a moment to glance at his tactical display. "Maestro, three from above."
"Go low, I'll cover you." Zero said as his own Tigershark dropped in behind one of the three attackers.
With Maestro covered, Casey moved in towards two Excaliburs trying to flank him. At that moment the comm system squealed static.
"This is...TC...Briareus...mayday, mayday,"
Out of the corner of his eye, Casey saw the bright flash that was the former Pelican Class Transport, TCS Briareus exploding. Cursing, he fired another Dart at the Excalibur he was engaged with. The rocket glanced the starboard side of the fighter, sheering off part of its engine and sending it off in an uncontrollable spin.
"Alpha Wing, I'm going after those Shrikes. Give me some cover."
"Copy, I've got your back." Zero answered.
Casey flipped over and pulled back, loosing the remaining Excalibur as Zero moved in on it. Igniting his afterburners he pulled clear of the melee and angled himself on an intercept course for the nearest Shrike Torpedo Bomber.
The bomber was already lining up for its run on another transport, which his tactical display identified as the TCS Gemmell. Selecting one of the four Artemis he gained a lock on the distant craft and fired.
The Artemis managed to knock out part of the bombers shields, enough to at least distract the pilot long enough for Casey to close the massive lead it had on him.
Switching to Darts, he fired. The shrike rolled before impact and its remaining shields took the force of the impact.
"Damn..." Casey whispered as he cleared the bomber and received several hits from its top turret for his troubles.
Angling his shields forward, he made a second pass, firing a full burst from his forward guns into the side of the bomber, however before he could come around for another pass a salvo of tachyons shot close by his cockpit.
Casey immediately went evasive as he glanced in his rear display. A single Excalibur had come up behind him.
Slamming on the autoslide, flipping over one hundred and eighty degrees and reactivating the afterburners, he shook off the probing missile lock and reacquired the Shrike. Without wasting any time he released his final Dart into the side of the bomber and smiled with satisfaction as it erupted into flaming wreckage.
"So much for tough armour...Alpha Wing, sound off..."
"Alpha-Two...still alive...barely." Zero answered after a moment.
"Alpha-Three. Been better."
Casey shook his head as he moved in behind the Excalibur and fired several shots into its rear shields.

0905 CST

"Sir, we've just lost another two Excaliburs."
The destroyers' captain, Commander Gavin Wood looked over at the dissipating explosion of an Excalibur. "I see it."
"Sir, they are keeping well out of our weapons range." The tactical officer spoke up.
Wood spotted a silhouette of one of the Tigersharks that were systematically removing his fighter cover. He admired the skill of the three pilots, after all the odds against them were, at least at the beginning of the engagement, six to one.
"Continue concentrating on the transports."
"Aye sir."
As the forward lasers on the destroyer continued firing at the fleeing transports, the two remaining Shrikes lined up for their runs. Woods silently watched as the next transport exploded.
"The Wanderer is out of weapons range Captain."
Woods just nodded. "Hold position, I don't want to stray to far from the Jump Point. The bombers will get it."
"Aye sir...Sir, new contacts coming into range."
"Type and distance Lieutenant."
"Contacts are identified as six Devastator Class Torpedo Bombers with an escort of three Vampires. Distance is eighty thousand kilometres and closing fast."
As the tactical officer finished speaking, the Longbows fired their remaining missiles at the last transport.
"We've done enough damage here. Mister Rains, move us into jump position. Comm, instruct all remaining fighters we are withdrawing."

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I still haven't finished this, because of the huge French test I have to study for, but...

***Casey replied as he hit the burst transmitter again. "Switch to full guns, we're going in."
"I knew you were going to say that." Zero commented.***

This is most likelly just nitpicking on my side, but the wing commander wouldn't on most ocasions tell his wingman to switch to full guns. The weapons choice remains for the wingman, who'll have to make a decision as the sittuation develops, for example engaging with lasers at long range, and MD's when close to the enemy. The WC, migh order to engage at long range with missiles or long range guns, but he's basicly leavh that choice to the pilots. But like I said, it's just nitpicking and it's completly unimportant.

***a mixture of at least twenty fighters and bombers.
"Are you sure about this Casey...that's a lot of fighters." Maestro asked.
"All we have to do is keep them busy long enough for help to arrive." Casey answered.***

Now, I know that 20 fighter in Prophecy may not be much of a challange, but it's a little unrealistic. 3 Tigersharks would definetly not attempt to tackle over 20 fighters unless the pilots felt really lucky, or suicidal that day. So you might want to lower that number to maybe 2 Shrikes, 2 T-bolts, and 4 Excals. It's still overwhelming odds, and a little more realistic.

***Contacts are identified as six Devastator Class Torpedo Bombers with an escort of three Vampires. Distance is eighty thousand kilometres and closing fast***

Usually bombers have more escorts than one fighter for two bombers.
So it probably should be three Devs, and six Vampires. Oh, and just bellow that line there's still one Longbow left.

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**Switch to full guns.
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***a mixture of at least twenty fighters and bombers.
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***Contacts are identified...
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Heh. This is getting interesting.

Good to know that our writer squad is still alive and kicking.

The WC Source Code Release Project needs you!
"This matter winds itself ever in new riddles.", Faramir - The Lord of The Rings
"Yesterday we obeyed kings and bent our neck before emperors. But today we kneel only to truth..." - Kahlil Gibran

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