Wing Commander Prophecy Video Problems


I recently tried to play WCP again after a while of not playing. However, I had problems with the video. All things that should be transparent are not. For example, the AUTO light is in the middle of a big blue square, as well as a lot of other gauges. This ONLY happens in Direct3D mode. Since I played last I have upgraded to Win 98 (from 95) plus I updated to DirectX 7.0 and updated my video drivers. I had this problem under Win 95 too, so I think it is with DirectX or video drivers. Anyway, my questions are: How do you downgrade DirectX? Is there a WCP patch that lets you play in OpenGL? Also, does anyone have definite answers to what is going on?
I have a:
Pentium II 233
Diamond Viper V330 AGP 4mb (OEM version)

Thanks a lot!
DX 7 is almost certainly the problem; I'm afraid I don't recall how to get rid of it. It isn't done using Add/Remove Programs.
Before I bought my Voodoo3 card I had the same problems in D3D mode. I also had two 4MB cards, a trident and a cirrus logic, but no viper. Perhaps it has something to do with the 4MB's as this was long before DirectX7 was even out. DirectX7 is ful of bugs, though....

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