Wing Commander Prophecy: Secret Ops Model Update Pack

It's possible that @Quarto remembers things differently, because IIRC I hacked that limit up for Standoff somewhere during the development of episode 2...
It's possible that @Quarto remembers things differently, because IIRC I hacked that limit up for Standoff somewhere during the development of episode 2...
Which was, what, 12 years ago?
Feel old yet? :p It's hard to imagine Standoff has been done for YEARS, I still remember the hype with every new episode including the culmination with E5. UE goes even further back.

And here we are, still tinkering with SO and pushing it beyond expectations.
You don't need to play Andromeda because you can see it from your .sec file! (Which looks awfully familiar by the by, is it mine?) I'll play Andromeda for you, don't you worry. ;)

Been watching this for a while, played your released build, and I'm thoroughly impressed with the work put in. You've been doing a very good job thus far. I've managed to break it a few times, spawning in a large scale battle that would normally crash due to the sheer number of ships works now, until enough weapons/missiles are launched, then it crashes due to the number of projectiles being spawned at one time. I don't know if comm backup (hundreds of AI trying to taunt/talk at once causes a backlog of "comm requests") would crash the game eventually too. But none of these would be an issue in the main game of SO.

Firstly - Thanks for the compliment, I appreciate it.

Secondly - Thanks for breaking it! I agree I don't think Vanilla will be an issue but if we are hitting upper memory bounds it would be nice to know what those limits are so we can either A) work around it or B) log it so future modders can work within them. :)
I took a picture of an error message I got once, I thought it had something to do with comms stacking up?
Providing DI ships the new wcpunl dll with the next build, this is fixed. All MBM are now unlimited.
Still only in my debug build at the moment, along with the refire delay change to use bullet.iff values instead of 1 second. If I can get some time i'll get it to release. Can't promise it will be soon though.
It's possible that @Quarto remembers things differently, because IIRC I hacked that limit up for Standoff somewhere during the development of episode 2...
That is indeed possible. I'm sure it's no surprise to anyone, that after all these years, in my head I've managed to integrate some of the Standoff-related hacks into vanilla Secret Ops :).

...Ironically, I was also going to say that even if there is a comms limit, nobody's likely to ever create a mod that has enough ships to break that limit... :p
Nope not an April Fool's day prank. But this is currently being built, tested and packaged for release.

WCP MUP - 0.02 Alpha

Improvements in .02 a

New Models: Asteroid models, Condor Refueler, Dralthi IV, Dralthi IV Ace, Hercules Marine LC, Vesuvius Heavy Carrier

Updated Models: F-103 Excalibur, F-106 Piranha, F-108 Panther

Other improvements:
  • GOG WC Prophecy Support - New WCP Unlimited Prophecy.EXE file added to installer, new ship files to correct loadout issues, new textures and spec maps for Prophecy Tigershark (Diamondback), Panther, Shrike, Devastator (Black Widow), restoring proper livery and squadron insignia.
  • Stormfire cannon reintroduced for Piranha in Secret Ops
  • SO Piranha ship file modified to use SF cannon
WCP Livery:
WCP-TigDB.jpg WCP-ShrikeBW.jpg WCP-DevBW.jpg


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Happy Sunday Wingnuts,

The team is pleased to report that the Prophecy Model Upgrade pack 0.2 alpha is ready for you to grab and play test!

grab your copy here:

this is still in an alpha state so be aware that bugs and crashes may still happen. The readme has all the current defects we've identified but we love feedback so as always, post any observations here.

another note, we've had isolated incidents of the modified prophecy.exe triggering a false positive on AVG. We've confirmed that there isn't any unintentional malicious code and have entered a ticket with AVG. If this happens it is at your discretion to run it or not but both AVG and Malwarebytes read it as clean.

Good hunting pilots!
I've tried the new model package in WCP's sim a bit, and I must say I am amazed by how good those models look in the game. The original models looks pretty date by comparison, especially the aliens ones. I am impressed with all the tiny details of the textures and the faithfulness to the original models. Even the gun bolts appearance coordinates match the modeled guns perfectly ! Good job, keep it up ! :)

The only things I've spotted so far worth reporting:
  • Asteroid textures effects/styles: most asteroids are dark, matte, unreflective, while one model is brighter and uses light reflection effect. It looks odd, better have a more coherent style ?
  • While the gun bolts appearance coordinates are pretty damn close to perfection, I did spot a slight disconnect between the model ans the thrusters flame cones in a few ships. I've taken screenshots.Vak.jpg Dev.jpg Vampire.jpg Panther2.jpg Panther.jpg Wasp.jpg
oh if you think those thrusters are bad, don't look at the refueler...:rolleyes:

the Vaktoth is still the original model, So you're gigging me for Origin's work now? :)

I'll look at the ship files and do some tweaking. Thanks for the feed back!

as for the asteroids, I made one an ice ball as opposed to a rocky asteroid, so it's naturally more shiny.
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Hehe, I did snapshot the Vak so you wouldnt' feel too bad for the thrusters, but forgot about it and just bulk added the screenshots :D
About the asteroids: yeah I figured the intent was for an icy look, but I think my problem with it is that having them look different makes it much more obvious that it's the same model repeated over and over, spinning the same way. It breaks the illusion of an heterogeneous field of rocks.
IIRC asteroid fields are random, you program the anchor points and then give it an object density but the engine randomly populates the actual models. in previous playthroughs I haven't seen that kind of repetition. However, that said if it looks like junk I'm all about retexturing it.
Quick update for everyone: We are working on an incremental release to correct the current known issues with thruster cones and the asteroids in .02a. Now is the time to report any more bugs before we start working on the next iteration.

So pilots, strap in and go find some bugs!
After a fresh install of MUP 0.2 alpha (no previous MUP installed), the game was unable to find 00022000.mat, which is required by PIRANHA.iff.

Also, installing the MUP on the GOG version of WC Prophecy Gold makes the game ask for a CD each time it is started up.
I like the liveries on the ships but I think the un-livery ones should be included as well. At least in SO. The old Diamondback and Black Widow squadrons don't really exist in SO, since you're on the Cerberus. There's also many more "loose" Confed ships not part of your homebase that aren't in those squadrons either but fly those ships.