Wing Commander Prophecy Music Video


Following the recent trends of nifty Wing Commander themed music videos, I decided to try my own hand at it. Okay, I didn't really have much time to polish it so its not as good as it could be but it's better than nothing. Here's the divx version (16.4mb).

I would be appreciative if a moderator could maybe mirror this on the CIC as well...but if not that's ok I think my hoster provides me with 100 gigabytes of transfer a month so I should be good...


Mirrored. We mirror files to go easy on other people's bandwidth, but mostly so we don't have to deal with broken links later on.


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I really like the part where the song goes "This is not where you belong" and the kraken blasts Devereaux

gevatter Lars

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I can't quite explain it but the video and the music seam to have a different speed.
While the music seams to go faster the picturs are telling me they want to be slow...its something quite odd so I don't know how to better explain it.

[Edit]Oh man talking like Yoda do I?[/Edit]