Wing Commander Prophecy and Xinput HOTAS issues.


I have the GOG version of the game on Windows 10-64. I'm using a Thrustmaster T Flight HOTAS 4 (same as the X, just for PC and PS4). Normally, I'm fine using a few functions in game and mapping the rest with 3rd party software.

The problem is that the game automatically maps the view keys to 2 sets of buttons for some reason. It maps it to the D-pad/Hat switch (which I was fine with) and to the face buttons on the throttle. There's no way to mess with it in game and it kinda ruins being able to make my own macros for various functions. I can use this controller with Evochron Legacy and almost never have to use the keyboard believe it or not.

I know this is an older game and I'm just trying to work with it. Is there some way to disable certain keys the game maps to this joystick? If not, much like my problem with Hires videos, I'll just work around it. However, if a workaround exists, I'd much rather customize the controls in a more efficient way.

Thank you for reading this, any help would be appreciated.