Wing Commander Mentioned by AVGN

*holds up a hand*

I know, I know, you're here for the fireworks. Hold steady a moment my friends, you will get your fireworks.

But first: seriously, dude? Seriously? You are missing the joke. And not just in a 'whoops, the joke was just here, if you run you can probably catch it' sense. You booked tickets to the joke at the wrong airport and didn't realize until you went to check in. And buddy, they're non-refundable.

With the possible exception of LeHah and the obvious exception of yourself, everyone here is really, really clever. You have to go into a conversation knowing this, I guess? So I'll just spell it out for you: no, no one here actually believes that the "Angry Video Game Nerd" podcast is a serious critical review. They are being sarcastic. That is the joke: there is no actual furor that this guy is upsetting 3DO sales. When we say things like that, we are kidding.

Hey, they don't even SELL 3DOs in 2011! Could that be part of the joke? Given the incredily likelyhood that you do not understand what a rhetorical question is I will go ahead and answer what all the other people--even LeHah!--have already done using only their brais: Yes. Yes it is part of the joke.

There's another layer, too. Go back and look at my posts in this thread. Do they seem maybe a little... downright outrageous? Say, in the first one where I say there should be a law

Is that... a normal thing for an ordinary person to think or say? If you're thinking yes, well then first let me say congratulations on figuring out rhetorical questions... but more importantly, you need to quietly but quickly leave whatever place you are basing your normal on. Which is all to say that no, it is not a normal thing.

See, the joke is that we're complaining about this guy in /the same way he complains about other things/. It's not that everyone here is waiting for some outsider to show up with a carefully cut-and-pasted paragraph about how the Angry Video Game Nerd is *just kidding*... it's that we're all already in on a joke. I'd say it's an obvious joke but... well, here we are.

So what happened with you? I don't know and I'm not sure I should venture a guess. Maybe your component substrates were mined at an inferior quarry? Maybe they didn't bake you long enough? Maybe some kids dropped you and you broke in half and the smart part was the other one? Maybe you aren't even a kind of brick at all, but are instead something dumber. Who knows. The point is: YOU'RE the stupid one. NAH NAH NAH.

Ah, who knows. What did you think was going to happen here, anyway? I mean, at the end of the day your whole gimmick is that you visit message boards to defend a guy whose own gimmick is that he riles up people at message boards? I'm the king of a video game from 1994 (it's 2011) and even to me that's the single saddest possible person I can imagine being. I mean, jeez. All kidding aside, I assume you're a living thinking person with gooey organs and human feelings and thoughts and dreams and so on and... how do you live with yourself being /that guy/?

In case it isn't obvious, I am very, very, very good at exactly the same thing as the Angry Video Game Nerd: blowing up an entirely insignificant thing into an enormous goofy production that immensely enertains everyone who's watching except for the person or thing being targeted.

Now let me tell you the secret, what all these kids with YouTubes don't know or won't admit or are simply clinging to: it's really freaking easy.

I mean, it's SO easy. And it feels good, for a while. What a rush kicking something down is. Don't for a minute think I'm not getting off on this. And everybody else digs it, too! You said a doofy thing and everyone is cheering! Are you not entertained? and all that. So what if one guy or one thing gets hurt? The audience is excited!

But you know what: it's all so hollow, so fake. It's not smart, it's not clever. None of what I just did is going to make me feel good tomorrow. None of it is ever going to help anyone. No one will come back and see what I posted here again (with the possible exception of LeHah.) We'll just forget it and you'll feel a little bad for the rest of your life. And that's sad, really.

Tearing down easy targets isn't a challenge, it's not art, it's not worthy entertainment. And moving away from it, deciding to stop playing for the lowest common denominator and the easy laugh and so on is part of growing up. Wallowing in it and not going on to create anything? That's not filling us with anger in the posts you didn't understand... it's filling us with pity.


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You didn't catch on that I was being serious at all did you?
I really don't care about whatever this thread is about, and I have nothing against you, but you really need to stop. You're being indignant about something that doesn't matter, and pushing the matter isn't going to end well. While LOAF may be acting a bit 'over the top' you seem to be missing the point of his posts entirely. And I don't think it's worth you getting a vacation over.
I really need to stop making threads. It's starting to become a cause and effect type thing.

Frosty2 starts a thread, the forum goes to war. :p
The other Frosty is gone, seemingly forever... so you're the top kick now.

In all honesty, I thought about this stupid thread a lot last night and I think it comes down to this: I was two different people last night. One who spent his time coming up with this faux-outraged rant that was enjoyable for a minute and the other who booted up Super Wing Commander and played through Venice 4 to earn the Medal of Valor so we would have that tiny screenshot of it for the update.

It comes down to: which of these people do I want to be? And there's no question that it has to be the latter. So I think I have to put this persona away; hang it up in the closet with the kid who wanted to be a marine biologist and the teenager who thought Babylon 5 was good. Try and keep me honest, guys... and I'll go on to using my time to do bigger and better things with this site.
Honestly I think that's a /better/ topic.

But yeah, we rewatched Babylon 5 in #WingNut a few months ago and it... did not hold up as well as I'd expected.
Yeah LOAF, Trelane, myself (and occasionally others like NinjaLA) watched the series cover to cover. It has a few good moments, but overall it is kind of a let down watching it again.

I first saw the series during the TNT run in 1998. As a teenager, I loved the suspense, the drama, the tension about the "Shadows" and First Ones. When we watched it again, we were all like "blah whatever" about it. I still enjoy the series, but the luster is gone. I like the TNT movie "In The Beginning" probably the most because of the battle scenes.

We are currently in the middle of Space: Above and Beyond in #wingnut. People should drop in more often. A lot of the regulars are in the channel during USA-time zones evening hours and on weekends there's almost always a few of us around talking WC, WCPedia, xbox, etc.
Space Above and Beyond is another one I havent seen in years and ive never seen a DVD of it over here in the UK
Yeah, I should stress that I don't HATE Babylon 5 now... it's just nowhere near as good as it is in my memory.

(Honestly, 90% of what you make fun of about it isn't the problem, though. Yes the effects are much worse than you remember and the actors are wooden... but you kind of knew that at the time too and didn't care. The big loss, I think, is that you don't have that "what's going to happen next?!" sense any more (which is to say that you /know/ that what's going to happen in the end is kind of disappointing instead of a future surprise.)
maybe but I like the way that the very first episode linked to the last one which is something I did forget on the first run over the 5 years.

It seems ive hijacked a thread here sorry!
S:AaB, on the other hand, DOES hold up very well. Especially the second half of the series (which we're watching next.) You folks are more than welcome to join our little sci-fi TV book club, if you're interested.
S:AaB, on the other hand, DOES hold up very well. Especially the second half of the series (which we're watching next.) You folks are more than welcome to join our little sci-fi TV book club, if you're interested.
LOAF I would love to the only problem being getting hold of the DVD's cash is very tight at the moment going through my illness.
Ahh -- maybe we can watch something you can stream for free next! Not sure what they give you access to in the UK...

I hope everything is going okay with your illness, by the way.
Sounds like a plan must admit im not really sure what I have access to here, well im still alive have good and bad days but evrything is going to plan which is good.