Wing Commander interactive story!

Is it just me, or is the concept dangerously close to the old Bed Time Story thing?

If I'm locked on, there's no such thing as evasive action!
it seems it already happend!

it's now like, WC vs starwars, you're outha you mind kill blair, and destroy the victory!

DAMN! why? WHY!

When I'm in the air...
I'm indestructible.
No one can stop me...
But they try.
Realy WC fans support the WCSCRP
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I'm working on something similar but it's far from finished.
It's closer to how the WC games worked where the reader will decide how things happen. For instance...

"Screw the CO, I'm attacking that cap-ship."
"He's right, it's far to risky."

One branch may make you a hero while the other may just get you killed or in getting killed you become a hero... Right now I only have the about seven branches complete. When it's all done I'll post the first chapter here and whoever cares can choose a link to my site that corresponds with the readers choice (site is the real problem, kind of new to building them).

We must rise up to distroy the midget threat!
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LOA-Deadman: Is it going to be like an internet based interactive story? JavaScript perhaps?