Wing Commander Books on Kindle or Ebooks


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Has anyone heard any rumors about this or know if anything is out? I think they released the Robotech books as e-novels.
I haven't heard of anything official.

That said, I have come across the Wing Commander novels as PDFs and EPUBs lately at Pix's Origin Adventures (just copy/paste that into Google). The legality of the site is questionable, and yet on the other hand I was able to finally begin reading through the movie trilogy recently thanks to the materials there. I'm up to Chapter Five of Pilgrim Truth at this point (picked that one up here at CIC).
I'm going to have to look around and see if there is a place to beg to get these released in that format as well. Going to look at that site now.
Unfortunately, it's not likely. I spoke with Baen about this a while back and apparently they do not have the rights to republish them... they would need a new deal with Electronic Arts, which is likely not forthcoming. (And I don't know how author royalties work, but it's quite possible they'd need to renegotiate with the original writers as well to release as ebooks.)

It's unfortunate; Baen's ebook system began the month after False Colors came out. :)
Finished up reading the Pilgrim trilogy for the first time today. Good story overall, though I don't necessarily like what they did with Paladin's character. Going to have to go back through WCRPG to check for any inconsistencies between what I have and what was there so I can try to fix the inconsistencies.

Also came across a couple of words in Pilgrim Truth that weren't in the WCPedia Kilrathi Lexicon; I'll get those added when I get an opportunity, and then work with trying to incorporate their meanings into what I already have for the Kilrathi language (rux'fra should be easy, having troubles with reconciling fa'ka'tra).
Ok, I will have to support Baen and buy this. So the others can be released.

One can wishfully hope that if they do well... Someone could get EA's permission and a new author to produce something new as well...
Yes... that would be interesting... :)

Death - might want to let her know about the typo in the description while you're at it. Hhallas!
Death - might want to let her know about the typo in the description while you're at it. Hhallas!
Done. No response yet to the bugging about the others (which included information above, re FA), of course, as she's a busy person, what with being the Editor in Chief (or whatever her formal title, I forget offhand) and all.
Oh wow, this is great! I'm definitely picking it up when it's available.
The spine glue on my copy of Freedom Flight somehow dissolved or separated over the years. Getting a digital copy sounds much better then digging my aging paperback out. Can't wait for End Run.

Thread necro (even by admins) is never a crime where juicy new info comes in.;)
Wow, that's great. I'm definitely in for a copy of any WC stuff they want to publish. What's the deal with the half ebook, though?
Barn has been doing ebooks for a long time, well before readers like the Kindle and iPad came on the scene. As a result they have a really interesting subculture that is largely incomprehensible to folks that didn't see it come together over the years. (Interestingly/sadly, they started one month after False Colors came out!)

The half and 2/3rds pre-release copies are standard for them... but they're a lot more appealing when it's for a never-published book that you are getting an early look at.
It should be noted that the partial versions, both the fractional releases prior to the listed date and the free sample chapters after it's fully available for purchase, are usually of a version from before the final edit and may contain assorted typographical and grammatical errors. The version put up for sale is the final cleaned version, so you're not paying for the errors.

(Well, at least not intentionally, anyway. Things get missed on occasion.)
Either because their site is confusing or because I'm an idiot (likely the latter), I did not realize you can go ahead and buy the book in the July bundle for $18. So, if anyone is confused or an idiot like myself, you can go ahead and vote with your dollars!
The bundles in general tend to be a good deal, especially if you don't already own the works, with a mix of new and older books in a 6-book bundle. Be aware that they're time-limited, however, IIRC based on physical release scheduling of the included books. Once you buy it you can access the bundle contents even after the purchase expiration date has passed, though.

(On a tangentially related note, Baen doesn't keep books up forever, so keep local copies of whatever you buy).