Wing commander arena game


Hi I am new to this site and need help on getting achievements on wing commander so if any one wants to help make a game my gamertag is Blazinkk44 and if you need achievements too we will try and help you with them
If you can post a time you are likely to be on Live I'm sure there are a bunch of wingnuts here who might be able to hop on. Keep in mind that time zones willl affect peoples availability.
Indeed, I bet there are enough fans here that still lack some achievements, especially the 16 player achievement so there should be enough contestants. Just post a time and I'll see if I can come along. A warning though: I'm in the timezone: CEST.
That should be 9 pm here if I'm not mistaken - and sadly that's when I'm probably away. Though there's a slight chance I'm already back at that time...

What achievement are you looking for?
As you probably realized, I didn't make it, sorry.

Except for Paladin, it shouldn't be too hard to get you the achievements. Well, Tiger's Claw might be hard if you really don't find enough people, though I doubt that.

Did you meet someone online last sunday? I might be able to make it this sunday for 9 pm CEST.