Wing Commander Academy 3.5" HD Installation Disk 1/3


Dear Forum Members,

I am a WC devotee from the initial game for the IBM PC. Just recently added to my collection Wing Commander Academy. As I was installing this title to my 486 retrosystem, I discovered that disk one is corrupted.

Does anyone have this disk or know where to get replacement installation disks for ancient titles? The disk is 3.5" HD (1.44MB).

Amazon or eBay are your best bets if you want the original disks. You can also download a version optimized for DOSBox from GOG:
The game files would be in the GOG version even if you don't need the DOSBox optimization.
No sale going on at GOG the moment, so unfortunately right now as of this posting it's at its full price of about $6 USD.
Same problem here only the opposite disks.

I can supply the files for disk 1 if you are still after it.

My copy has a corrupted second and third disks. If anyone has the original files for the second and third disks they could give me it would be much appreciated. I know I can download an already extracted copy from GOG, but I would love to be able to format and restore my original disks to a working condition. Think the files I am after are called 'DISK.002' and 'DISK.003'.