Wing Commander A.U: "Transgression"


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Wing Commander (A.U): "Transgression"

Category: Sci-Fi

Universe: Wing Commander (Imperial Dimension)

Year: August 17th, 2680

Note: Keep in mind this whole story except for the first little bit, takes place in a diffrent Dimension so many things change...This Dimension is that of the Unified Confederate Imperial Empire or U.C.I.E for short, it is Confeds evil Alterego in another Reality.

((For the story to start I need to show whats changed in this Alternate Reality, so therefor I have opted to write a prequal chapter in which we get to see a few storylines form. Keep in mind aswell, this story is in no way affiliated with my other story Eternal Vigilence...This story has an entirely diffrent storyline, however further on down the road I may opt to include some of E.V's storylines in Transgression so look out for that aswell!))

Writers Note: Transgression is set in a universe where good and evil are like day and night, in this universe's history like in the true Wing Commander Universe there was a civil war between the Confederation and the Union Of Border Worlds. This war lasted many years and costed many lives, however unlike that true Universe this is where the two Dimensions split apart from each other.

The Confederation turns into a shadow of what it once stood for, it becomes The Unified Confederate Imperial Empire it's own twisted evil counterpart not to mention it's leaders are far from Saviors like they were once thought to be...Admiral Christopher Blair is the shineing example of the diffrence of this Dimension, he helped to slaughter many innocent civilians and soldiers alike during the what is now called "Holy War" but many call it the Season Of Death.

Major Todd Marshall better known as Maniac, opted to stay with the Union Of Border Worlds upon its defeat in the War...Which granted him the status of a murderer by the Confederate Empire, the people of the Confederation are blind to what is so clear that they follow the Empire without question.

What happens when this Dimension collides with the true Wing Commander Dimension/Universe? What happens when the real Colonel Christopher Blair from the Universe we Wing Fans know and love is thrown into this Imperial Dimension? Let's find out!

Prologue\Story Introduction:

Prologue Chp. 0 | Episode 1: "A World Long Since Forgotten"

Blair had only been out to this part of space once, a routine inspection per the Confederation's Orders but Ralia was far from any patrols not to mention this was Pirate Space...Though he hadn't come across nearly as much Opposition as he had once thought.

"Anything on scope yet Maniac?" Colonel Blair asked through his commlink. "That ship has got to be here."

"You do know..." Maniac started. "We could have taken that posting on the Midway, I could be in the Black Widow Squadron right now but no...You had to sign us up for some Patrol Squad out on the fringes of who knows where, and Im still not sure what Confed wants us to find out here."

"Stow it major." Blair scoffed, looking at the flashing indicator on the flight instrument of his Rapier Class Fighter. "It's a planet, not far from here about a coupla Klicks from the Jump to Vega."

"Carefull there old timer, im reading a few Pirate Signatures coming from that position...Atleast one of them is flying in an old Black Lance Excaliber Fighter, sure you can handel it?" Maniac asked the question then looked around, not seeing Blair in sight anywhere. "Damn!"

Maniac hits the afterburn button on the Flight Control Stick of his fighter, upon reaching the planet he flys alongside Blair's Fighter. "Decoy huh?" He asked.

"Seems like it, im gonna land on the planet...Something doesn't feel right about this." Blair said beginning to ease the Rapier into the planets Atmosphere.

"So much for a joy ride." Maniac said before starting to follow Blair, however at the last moment his onboard computers begin to become erratic...He tries everything but has no luck, the ship just didn't want to respond nor did the Commlink. "Looks like your on your own, farmer blair."

---Planet: Ralia | Ralia System | 13:00 Hours from Earth Space 4:00 Hours Via Jump Points---

"Looks like the locals left in a hurry, Maniac can you read me?" Blair asked tapping his helmet. "Maniac, this is strange."

Blair walks into what looks like a lab, examining some of the equipment turns up some startaling revelations. "When I make it back to Confed HQ, they are going to want to know about this planet."

Blair comes to what looks like some kindof Portal, he touches it instantly causing it to activate itself. "I wonder what this does, better wait for the science team to get here." Blair turns away from the portal, however it doesn't stop it from beginning it's cycle of Displacement.

With a loud thump the Portal glows Red, Black, And White as everything around Blair becomes fuzzy in a flash of a second Blair finds himself back in his Cockpit...However, he is now back in the Sol System flying alongside Space Marshal Tolwyn!

---Deep Space | Sol System---

"So, Admiral how does it feel to be flying again?" Tolwyn asked.

"Wha...What?" Blair asked. "Where am I?"

"Admiral, are you feeling ok?" Tolwyn asked. "You seem a bit diffrent, still shaken up over the destruction of Ralia?"

"Uh, yea...That must be what it is." Blair shook his head, not understanding what was going on or how but he knew it wasn't good. "I think im gonna return to Earth, I've got some things to get done."

"Understood." The Space Marshal sighed a little. "I'll have a Black Lance Fighter Escourt you there, can't be to carefull with those Ralians flying about not to mention the Border Worlds."

"Black Lance?" Blair shook the feeling of urgency off, and nodded. "Good, i'll see you back on Earth."

With that Blair breaks formation and heads for Earth, leaveing Tolwyn to his own thoughts he knew the hearing was coming up in a few days and how would Blair React? Todd Marshall was a close friend to Blair, but the Space Marshal knew that Blair was loyal to the Empire.

---3 Days Later | Earth | The Hall Of The Imperial Assembly---

"We have come here today to bring a Mad Man to prison, one Major Maniac Todd Marshall whom has commited the evilest of crimes." Marshal Tolwyn looks at the Assembly. "He has betrayed his post as an Imperial Confederate Soldier, and has defected to the Union Of Borderworlds...This is not conduct becoming of our soldiers."

The Guards drag Maniac into the Council Chambers. "Go on, stand up traitor." The soldier pushes Maniac forward in a rough manner.

"Welcome to our gathering Mister Marshall, it was so nice of you to show your face after killing all those innocent people." Tolwyn looks right at Maniac. "How do you plea?"

"Not guilty." Maniac spat, he then looks at Taggart and Blair. "Paladin, you can't have associated yourself with this piece of garbage...And you Blair, I would have thought very diffrently of you."

"Maniac, you brought this on yourself...The Admiral and I had nothing to do with your decisions." Taggart sighed. "However, I will grant you the right to speak your mind."

"You are looking at the Traitor right there, Space Marshal Tolwyn circumvented the political power of the Confederation years ago after The Season Of Death...He turned that great orginazation into a mere homicidal shadow of its self, The Empire is not working in the intrest's of the people but rather against the people, you all are just too blind to see it." Maniac sighed seeing what he said made no diffrence.

Blair looks at Tolwyn then at Maniac, he shakes his head from his seat amongst the Assembly Senators...This Blair was not the Blair from the True Wing Commander Universe, rather this was this Dimension's Admiral Christopher Blair. "Does your story have a point, old friend?"

"You are the example, blair." Maniac looks at Admiral Blair. "You helped Humanity out of countless scrapes along the years, you single handedly destroied Kilrah with a single strike...Of all people, you should see the corruption eating away at Confed's soul."

"Maniac, when will you learn change is a good thing? The Empire has stood fast against all races whom have challenged us, why? Because now we have nothing to stand in our way!" Blair rose from his chair. "The Empire is better than the Confed of old."

"So, you let your morality slip away in the name of security? You make me sick, all this suffering and you don't give a damn about any of it." Maniac started to walk toward Blair, but the guards took him by the arms holding him back.

Blair slowly and almost evily walks toward Maniac, once right up at him he takes out a Energy Pistol and burrys it in the Major's Stomach. "In the face of death, I stab at thy enemy...Let him know, he shall be done." Blair looks back at Tolwyn then at Taggart.

Paladin takes a deep breath and then nods.

"Goodbye, old friend." Blair looks away.

"You just killed all hope for peace, burn in hell for what you have done!" Maniac went to break away from the Guards but Blair pulled the trigger, Maniac falls to the ground the first victim of the Confederate Empires evil acts.

"Guards, get his body out of my sight." Blair said holstering his weapon and walking out of the Chambers.

The Guards drag Maniacs body out of the Assembly Chambers, this Alternate Reality seemingly being what may have been had Blair joined Tolwyn instead of trying to expose him back during the Civil War. The Result is that Blair has become just as twisted as Tolwyn, with two Tyrants lose a new Hero must rise up or this Galaxy may not survive.

---Admiral Blairs Office---

"Space Marshal, to what do I owe this visit?" Blair asked, keeping his face in the darkness of the office.

"We need to talk Admiral, when I saw you in space the other day you seemed diffrent." Tolwyn sighs. "Are you ok?"

"I haven't left Earth in 4 months, I can assure you whoever you saw was not me." Blair shook his head, truthfully not knowing what Tolwyn was talking about.

"Then we may have a problem, there maybe a mole amidst our ranks...Probably from the Border Worlds, we should have declared war on them 3 months ago and been done with it." Tolwyn smirks a little. "They would be crushed within 2 days of fighting the Empire."

"This war, it's all starting to become stressfull to say the least." Blair shakes his head. "Galactic Empire or not, it is all so tiresome."

"Admiral, war is what keeps us going...You of all people should understand this, it is that fact alone that led me to turn Confed into what it is today!" Tolwyn then turned to leave. "We have alot ahead of us, Confed is going to finaly make the first step in eliminating the Border Worlds."

"Keep me informed on everything that goes on, also send the Lexington to Patrol the Sol jump Point...I want Captain William Eisen to be the next Victim, he will pay for standing in our way." Blair saluted Tolwyn.

Tolwyn nodded and walked out of the Office, ready to use his power as Space Marshal to apprehind Captain Eisen.

To Be Continued...(Chapter 1 | Episode 2: Know Thy Enemy)
Is that a bad thing? If so I could change the date, I just chose that date because it was closer to the start of Prophecy which was importaint to the story in a way.

P.S: The next chapter will be up soon.
Quick Note: I'm sorry for the large amount of time that has gone by but I've been a bit busy in these last few months. I'm back now though and ready to continue Transgression as It really did have some good potential, storyline wise.

The next chapter will be up in the next few days, so keep an eye out for that.