Wing Commander 4 Videos Get Serious (May 6, 2005)


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TomGaines latest creation is a more serious music video based on Wing Commander 4. It chronicles a bit of the dramatic events leading up to Tolwyn's trial. The background track is the "Babylon 5 Season Three Theme" by Christopher Franke.
There is a 9 meg standard quality avi here and a very high quality 40 meg mpg here.

His last WC4 video also got the super high quality treatment. You can grab that 70 meg mpg here.

Original update published on May 6, 2005
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I've downloaded the 70 meg one, and yet despite saying it's playing it seems stuck on the first frame. I've tried it Windows Media Player and DivX Player. To the best of my knowledge I have all the latest codecs and stuff.

Any suggestions? :/
Cheers. Just watched it and it works, not with PowerDVD though so I downloaded WinDVD. I was horrified to discover it was the one with Blur as the music. The reason I was downloading this latest one is because it doesn't have music that doesn't agree with me in it, and also because the Tolwyn trial is really emotional. Gets me every time, especially the bit where Sosa shouts "-And it is *your* fault!", very good