Wing Commander 1 new graphics


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I made a few changes to the Wing Commander 1 graphics.


The graphics can be downloaded from the attachment. Other modifications can be found on my home page.


People actually modding Wing Commander 1! I never thought I'd see the day!

The Polish translation is a cool idea, as well - brilliant that you're able to add Polish letters. But "jeśli będziemy mieli do czynienia z wrogiem"? Nawet Spirit by tak dziwnie tego nie powiedziała :).

Also, you should send those Polish magazine WC scans to the CIC - it's always great stuff to archive, even if hardly any of the visitors will understand it.
Awesome! Are there instructions on how to apply the attached files to get them to convert to the new graphics?
Fantastic work! I love the addition of Hobbes, even if the game imposes certain limitations that prevent you from doing it ideally (e.g. human hands in the long shots).
Hello WCNews staff and all wingnuts.
After a long break I returned to WC1 for a while and took care of translating the game into Polish. At the moment I have translated graphics files, messages and the Vega campaign. Now I'm testing the game and if necessary I'll make corrections to the translation.

Below are the videos.

More on my channel here and on the website.


Na chwilę obecną przetłumaczyłem pliki graficzne, wiadomości oraz kampanię Vega. Teraz testuję grę i w razie potrzeby wprowadzę poprawki do tłumaczenia. Tłumaczenie będzie do pobrania z linków, które znajdują się powyżej.