Where's Secret Ops?


Maybe I'm blind, but I didn't see Secret Ops listed in the Wing Commander section. Is it included as part of Prophecy or something?
strange. I just thought the general consences was that Secret Ops was a seperate product. I know it was what made Prophecy gold and all, but why have it like that? Is the museum for products only?

P.S. I don't know if that sounds quite right, but you know what I mean I think.
I think it's just about products. Secret Ops on its own didn't really have much in the way of physical extras. Hmm, I don't think it even had any. Besides, I still mentally lump Secret Ops with Prophecy - it seems too... thin to me to be sequel in its own right. But we've debated that before. :)
Secret Ops was never sold separately, therefore there was never a product for sale called Secret Ops. The OM can't have what doesn't exist.

It's a standalone game, but it was only ever sold as part of the Prophecy Gold compilation which is what is listed.
Wikipedia has a pretty good mention of Secret Ops (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wing_Commander_game_series). It was originally distributed in episodic format via web over a couple of months. The Flash interface on the web site was updated with each new episode to include fictional communications regarding the next installment. It was a completely free standalone game.

As far as phyiscal extra, I have a Secret Ops tshirt and ball cap. :)
That's great -- I'd love to see them, do you have a picture?

Was the Secret Ops hat the one that had the wrong URL printed on it?
I don't have the shirt with me at the office, but here's a cell phone picture of the cap. No URLs on it.


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Wow! I just realized I replied to a four year old post! I guess that's what you get with history archives... ;)
(Apologies in advance for replying to an old thread...)

Is that Princess Leia wearing the cap? Those eyes look really familiar...