Where to find Orion stories?


I've been getting into reading the fan fiction lately. In many stories, I find reference to the TCS Orion, a Black Ops ship I'm guessing. I was wondering if anyone had a link for its story, or PBM? Oh, could you please point me to a working link for the King of the Mountain PBM? I went on Acenet and found a link, but unfortunately it was down. Thanks
I have them. Saved them to my HD as I read them (was using collage computer to get on the net at the time) and thank god I did. Was the only person who had the Orion series when the Aces club or rather Wolvien closed his website.
There were a couple of stories that mentioned the Orion but in order to completly understand the charactors you'd have to read 5-6 stories (all worth readying BTW.
There is a downside however, TCS Orion: Situation Shadowclaw was never finished. Though Modeen did a good job of rapping the story up it still left alot of quetions to be answered.
Best play to go to find all the old Orion stories is here... http://blance.com/wcl/wclegacy/wclegacy.html

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