What's your favorite game engine?

No. We've agreed that the Gettysburg-class cruiser simply looks like an Exeter. Let's not begin the debate again.

And it wasn't a stupid argument. We were just trying to find a reason for why the Austin in Crusade looked like an Exeter.

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You can count the number of people a Venture carries on two hands -- so they wouldn't really work well as diplomatic corps transport ships (G) Destroyers are far more common than carriers -- there are hundreds and hundreds of them.
Well yeah, you're right, LOAF.

<Sigh> There simply hasn't been enough Ventures in these games... they're such cool ships... :(
Escp. in the SWC cutsecene when they start to fire on the Kilrathi Planet. Those gun turrets kick ass
SWC is far more Venture-full than regular WC1... so perhaps it might be something you'd like to play.
Well, if I ever get my hands on SWC as well a console/Mac that can run it, I certainly will play it :). One of these days, I'm gonna have to start hunting for it, actually.