What's With WC Arena's Graphics


This is not intended as a flame, but I've actually been out of the WC Loop for a long time.

I've obvously played WC1,2,3,4,P and SO... Arena's new to me, and looking at the games graphics, I wonder what the hell happened!? They took slick looking ships like the Exaclibur and murdered it! They turned it into a silly cartoony-looking joke.

Did they intend for it to look goofy and cartoony-looking?

V. Kent
How do these not look like awesome improvements to classic ships?

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I think they look great...

Well, I guess anyone can have a different opinion in this...

We see it everywhere you have to look at fighters... I'm tired of people saying the A-10 is ugly... I think it's beautiful
They don't look as good as anything out of WC3, WC4, WC Prophecy, WC SO, etc...

That may be your opinion but I don't see it. I think the Arrows, Darkets and Paktahns look great and the Dralthis aren't bad either.

And if you think WC3 ships looked good then I don't understand how Arena's Arrow, Darket and Paktahn would alienate you so much. They don't look that different.

Edit: Oh, and I agree: the A-10 looks really cool. :)
Well the basic Arrow looks fine... the Pakhtahn I see is good, and the Darket seems pretty close...

But some of the other ones just look ridiculous... sometimes I think you can add too much onto something...
By the way, I think you can probably conclude that I'm the type of person who thinks people who put those spinning rims on their car, and modify their cars into low-riders that bounce all over the place are cool...

Victoria Kent
Err... "that I'm *NOT* the type of person who thinks that people who put those spinning rims on their car, and modify their cars into low-riders that bounce all over the place are cool..."

Vicky Kent
It took you 6 hours to figure out you made a mistake? hehehe

Anyway... I would have loved to see new ships just for Arena, but I still think that the old ships look nice
I think the ships in Arena look similar to their counterparts from the previous WC games. You can definately see the lines of the original Terran and Kilrathi baseline fighters from previous games that were used to make the variants seen in Arena. And if you read the Star Soldier Manual for Arena, the short backstory for each of the fighters includes reasons why the base frame was modified or added to. For example the Arrow Guardian has additional armor and weapons so it can serve as a point defense fighter, or the Broadsword Executioner adds missile pods to serve in the long-range standoff role with missile bombardment.

I do not like the look of all the ships in Arena, there are some designs that I like and some that I don't. Likewise, in past WC games there are some fighter designs I like more than others. I can however see how the ships in Arena look relate and look similar to the WC fighters of the past they are built off of.
I love the look of most of the ships in arena, especially the Arrow scout. The problem with the other WC games is the engine couldnt handle high poly models, so they did the best they could with textures and resources available. Now technology has improved so much since prophecy, omg 10 years!, they can start adding all these details and changes. The redesign (which wasnt actually released) that I grumbled about was the Excalibur because it WAS the only (non released) ship that looked almost completely different from its original until the Bearcat pictures were released. However, I did think the Bearcat looks neat.

I'd get an x-box if it wasnt for the fact that I would only buy it for Arena. The last console I had was the Sega Megadrive. If it wasnt for Privateer, my first ever PC game, i'd probly still be on consoles. So i've been screwed out of a wing commander game by a wing commander game ARGH! Damn you all!
I originally bought my 360 just for Arena (and it wasn't my most expensive "WC only" purchase, either... I've built entire new computers just for WC titles)... and then wound up buying a bunch of other XBL Arcade games, with "normal" game purchases (as in physical discs) put off due to funding issues.
I have only seen Arena in some movie clips but I think it has technical the best graphics you could put into that small pack. I don't like some of the weapon FX and overall some textures could be more crisp but that could be the video.
The shipdesigns are...well interesting. Ships like the Arrow Guardian and others are a bit to much bumped up for my taste...like the Broadsword Behemoth.
"I see the armor now where is the Broadsword?" ^_^
On the other hand I love the new Dralthi in the Striker and Shank version.
Design is as allways a matter of taste.
Speaking of taste...some of the conceptarts are pretty cool. Others are...strange.
I am working on the last ship shown what I think could be a Sabre-like ship. I am even thinking about makeing three versions out of it like there are allways three versions of each figther in Arena.

Well even if the gameplay isn't my taste I would still try it out when it would make the transition to the PC.
Does anyone knows if there are plans for a PC version. Prefered without the need of Vista.
And I hope it comes with modding tools ^_^