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I'm trying to capture a Cap ship. Need to destroy its gun turrets and engines. Tried parking and just lassering them - nothing. Shot dumb missle and all I do is destroy the whole vessel. How do you destroy just the turrets? Haven't even got to the engines. How do I destroy them?

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Well, I don't realy know why you can't shot them. The turets are marked with an orange square on the capship, you can cycle through the turets using the R key. After you destroy the turets, all fighters in the are (there can't be any leached fighters) fly to the rear of the ship and shot at all 3 engines untill they explode. Than shot at the ship untill the computer says "mission objectives acomplished".

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Spaceangel: You are in the Speradon system, right? This mission to "capture the (seemingly) unguarded TCS Princeton" is tricky!
Just talked about it in the General chat zone.
You should be able to kill the turrets with guns alright. When you try to disable the engines use your leech guns. It takes quite a few hits to get the engines down but they shouldn't be destroyed. After that hammer away at the carrier until it shows 50% of damage. After that the BWS Johns Hopkins will jump in and the mission should be complete.
I said "should be complete" because you depend on the success of the second flight in the mission. Listen closely to the comm chatter at NAV1. When they say that their mission objective is completed you can complete yours, too. If not you should start all over again. Choose some good pilots for the second flight. Your success depends on theirs.
IMO, to get the mission done, there are five objectives to be completed: <UL TYPE=SQUARE>
<LI>The second flight has to get its mission done
<LI>You have to knock all escort fighters out
<LI>All turrets have to be destroyed
<LI>The engines of the carrier have to be leeched
<LI>The carrier has to show 50% damage

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