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It's been a while since I played any WC games and I just updated my system. It is still rather old by today's terms but it plays many games that I still enjoy. I'm running into all sorts of problems with my older games. Some have patches and fixes, some I have to manually alter INI files, etc. I have the entire collection of original (non-GOG / downloaded) Wing Commander games. All of the DOS ones I can create images of the discs and use DOSBox on. One of my pride and joy items is the WC4 Dual Layer DVD that came with my old DXR2 board. Obviously I cannot use that board anymore and I have it sitting in an "old parts" bin. I'm trying to get this to run. I've installed it and tried the various fixes like dxmci15 as well as various compatibility modes (98 / XP SP3 / 7). Nothing seems to work. When I launch the wc4dvd.exe it crashes.

Has anyone gotten this to work on a Windows 10 64Bit machine? I have the 6 CD Dos version so if I have to go back to that I can try it but would certainly prefer the DVD/VOB based one for the better movie clips.

I tried searching the forums and following the recommendations but nothing seems to work. Is there a proven step by step? Do I need the Windows 2000 patch (I would think not)?

Thanks in advance if anyone can help. Worst case, maybe I just do like a VM in Windows 10 for an older OS.
I'm using the 6 CD version too and it works just fine. Did you launch the game within the DOS emulator "DOSBox"? If not, do so: https://www.dosbox.com/download.php?main=1
There is no other way. You may use either your original CDs or make ISO-Images of those so you're able to load them with DOSBox alongside your Wing Commander 4 installation directory.
Thanks, the 6 CD version is DOS compatible. I'm trying to utilize the DVD quality of the Wing Commander 4 DVD that is for Windows only, or so I believe. I would like to be able to play with the high quality movies if possible. I realize I can always fall back to DOSBox and the Dos version if need be. I'd rather avoid that as it is not what I am attempting to do.

I've ran into so many problems with Windows 10 and older games. I just don't get it. I'm tempted to have an XP SP3 VM just to be able to get stuff to install properly.
Hey, I have the DVD version, I think it is updated to work on windows 95/98 but it does work on later Windows like 7 and 10, I'll check into that and revert back. did you check the patches here on CIC?

I remember the DVD to be a double sided DVD, not a dual layer.

you can use the CD version but with DVD movie playback also,

this one is to make the cd version able to play the DVD movie files:
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