Wc3 & Prophecy: Ship Converting


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A few days ago someone asked me something but at the time I didn't give it much thought, however now thinking about it more and more has gotten me thinking..Is it possible to Export Ships from Wc3 and Prophecy? Then Convert them to the Freespace 1 & 2 Engines?

The idea the person had was that I could use the Freespace Engine to re-create missions from my fan fict Eternal Vigilance, that way people could not only read the fan fict but acctully fly Missions from it. The reason im thinking of useing the Freespace Engine to create these missions is because I've used its Editor the most, and am more used to useing it then anything else.

Also, if what im talking about above isn't possible what other options do I have to do what im planning? The idea is that I want to Re-Create missions that happen in my story in some form where players can fly them, though if the Freespace Idea isn't possible, then im not sure what would be the best\easiest way to use.

Any help is greatly appreciated...
There are many tools to extract all files from Wing Commander prophecy...I cannon currently find one that can properly extract ones from Wing Commander3
there is already some ships out in a .zip folder in .3ds format from WC 4 on the CIC website.

There are tools out also to plug those models into Freespace 1 and 2,I dont remember the websites offhand though...I lost all my fav links recently..I had them book marked.